Monday, October 19, 2009

Family Camp

Action photos from the week-end at Family Camp. The crowd was small but friendly, the weather delightful, the teaching phenomenal. Viking Man taught on Biblical Holidays and the symbolism and metaphor just blow me away. He spent Friday evening teaching on the law and the branch and my thought is that the church is weak and ineffective, partly due to the fact that we deliberately stay 1-dimensional and boring rather than multi-dimensional, embracing our heritage and the Jewish roots of our faith. I'm eager to incorporate more Biblical Holidays and plan to start with some Shabbat meals this fall. Daddy and his little girl.
"Leaf on Lake."
KB's eye for beauty. The girl has a gift!
Pastor Don asked everyone to bring Jewish food for the week-end. We brought Challah bread and corn quiche.

The food was delish! Also on the table was corned beef, a wonderful dish made of carrots, yams and dates, dried fruit, bread and butter. Yum!

Cub caught in the act of feeding his Redwall addiction. When he wasn't on the lake he was busy reading, playing ping-pong, Foosball and roaming the grounds and reading!

Viking Man, happy to be in the great outdoors surrounded by sunshine and his kiddos. Hannah was his happy kayaking side-kick all week-end long. He did an awesome job teaching, as usual!

A boy and a boat. Feche-boys big week-end take-away..."I want a kayak!"

One of KB's great photos.
Queen KB, fresh off the lake!

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servingHimblind said...

Thanks for posting these pictures!! Looks like you guys had a BLAST!! :-)