Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Dust & Stuff

The younger 3 and I cleaned out Miss. R's mess of a room in order to make way for Flower to move in. Dust city- or should I say country. But, shockingly enough, after 4 1/2 years of living here there are curtains hung and that makes all the dust less noticable somehow. R's stuff is stored in the walk-up attic which is romantic in a way. Feche boy decided today would be a good day to create a place to hang out in the attic and Flower hauled up a couple of her many "suitcases." The joys of an older house- dust and many, many hidey holes.
The littles miss the older girls and the Cub mentions his disatisfaction with them being gone pretty regularly.
I am gearing up to start selling curriculum on-line again. Haven't done that since moving from NM! Logged ont0 paypal for the first time in years and don't even remember how it's supposed to work! For the sake of earning money I'll remember quickly enough!
I look around the mess of a study- how come cleaning creates it's own mess and clutter?

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Miss Elizabeth said...

Well, tell Cub that I miss him too:) Did he get to see the pictures of canoeing? I'm not sure how cleaning creats a mess of it's own.. it is fascinating isn't it;)