Friday, September 26, 2014

The Thin Blue Line

The "Thin Blue Line"- the thin line between law and disorder. 

We haven't done a ton of field trips lately. For one, it's just harder to get everyones 
actualwork in while field tripping -our kids are getting older with more demanding schoolwork- and for two, it's just not easy finding engaging field trip for older kids. 

But we all had a blast at our local "Cop Shop" this week. We toured the garage, got briefed by the Sarge, sat in a cruiser, and a Swat Bear Cat, saw evidence rooms, gyms, interrogation rooms and got the low down on the local station. 

Our tour guide was a favorite of the kids! 

Good guy training grounds.
In addition to the fantastico field trip our week included
hanging at the park with friends and outside as much as possible! The weather was glorious!  

 Panera, provided wife for work while the kids played a Science Size game..

Science which involved lots of snitzles.

More learning games at Essentials...
Tons of memory work, done on the hammock, in the car, and on the couch. 
Throw in work and a Rosh Hashanna celebration. Full up. 

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