Sunday, September 21, 2014

Full Swing Fall Schedule

Our weeks and week-ends are so full I literally fell asleep on the couch last night! But, it was a week FULL of learning, working, reading, laughing, friends and tons of fun! We have Classical Conversations Community Day on Tuesday. Tuesdays are FULL days meeting new friends,review games, presentations, memory work, papers, grammar and math games, Pshew!

One morning a week we have a small group of 30-ish meeting at our house for 
  The Grammar of Poetry (LOVE this program- you can read my review here),
 Biology Lab, which has included lots of being outside gathering, observing and considering pond scum with organ parts coming up and a study on the Middle East/ Turkey, taught by a missionary to the Muslim community- fascinating! 
We were going to try to fit in art as well, but 3 hours flies by, especially as the kids want to run, snack and play together. Art is going to have to wait until next semester. In the meantime, we have some cool field trips planned as well. We LOVE co-op, even if everyone gets up early to make sure the carpets are vacuumed! 

The fun doesn't end because, Feeche drops Flower off at Science Club, Cub to Philosophy Class and then makes his way to college classes -it's a full day of outsourced classes. 
Monday, Wednesday and Fridays we are busy writing, reading, doing grammar drills and Latin,  practicing memory work and not quite fitting everything in. 

On Friday, Ballroom Dancing occurred and Dr. Dh and I went to hear a presentation on One for Israel. If you are concerned about the conflict in the Middle East, consider supporting this organization where Arabs and Israelites are studying and worshiping together under the unity of Christ!

I led another Home-School High-School Mini-Camp on Saturday that went way over the allotted two hours, but it was full of fabulous discussion and real life experiences. Love talking to people who are creating choices and opportunities that work for them, and resourcing them to do so! 
We purchased an old-timey push mower, to get the creaky edges and odd areas of our property. It is good, clean fun. It is also hard work! Feeche motorized ours by running as he pushed. 

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