Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Classical Conversations Scientific Discovery

My Classical Conversations Master's Class is loving the time set set aside for science experiments. We have scientific experiment sheets that we put in page protectors each week and write on them with white-board markers. We go over the Scientific method each week, and take our lab sheets very seriously. Kids are free to draw pictures if the writing is too much. There are always extra parents on hand to help with spelling. My goal is for the kids to understand what a good experiment is, how to hypothesize, the importance of clear and legible notes and that clear instructions make things easier for the next person who comes along. 

Last week we took our fingerprints, compared them to the opposite hands, each other's hands and talked about how they might compare to our toe-prints. We had some great hypothesizing going on, lots of engaged chatter, and interesting facts from a student who had gone to Forensic Camp this summer. Everyone reveled in the joy of using a magnifying glass (it's the little things y'all!). Everyone had a sheet of prints to take home with them. along with good memories, the joy of discovery and the understanding that clear notes are important. 
 It's a full and fun half-hour. 
Love Science Class.

In related, serendipitous news, we are taking a field trip to the Police Station this week. 

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