Saturday, May 17, 2014

Fun (andohsoslightlybusy) Times


Cub is deep into Drama-camp practice as they are doing Joseph and the Technicolor Dream Coat. He also received the script for A Midsummer's Night Dream, cast as Puck. He is trying to walk sprightly, but basically he just clumps less clumpily. He has also already started a part time summer job, which consists of demanding physical labor. He is also doing school and growing and eating and shooting and clumping. He has actually gone to bed on his own at 8:30 this week. 

"I miss hating the summer heat"
Frost on the ground yesterday. Sweaters today.
 Summer.. hello?!

I've had a hard time keeping up with everything of late (as in the past 8 months). In fact, I haven't. The house has stayed relatively clean and the laundry mostly caught up. I did discover a basket of folded laundry between floors and am happy to report that all of the clothing essentials that were MIA for a week are back in the possession of those desperately looking for them!

In related news, I'm out of months in my planner, because we are already planning in to August. Guess what? Planners aren't out for another month or two. Seriously? I am a paper planner girl. Google is...well, Google and all of that and while I have, like 29, 000 accounts, I need my paper, yes, I do.

We are still, mainly/ mostly gluten, dairy, sugar, corn, tomato and soy free. We are still spending for more than we ever have on groceries, but we are also feeding 2 men, 1 teenage male growing at the speed of sound (all three of whom work out hard) and groceries have definitely gone up. I keep meaning to write a whole long blog post (series?) about it all because it finally gotten to the point where it doesn't feel totally foreign and stingy. For some things we'll never look back.

It has been a week of hanging out with homeschool Momma's (love!). I've gone to two info nights this week regarding different academic programs (I'll be posting about that this week-end or early next week), talking with the regional manager about getting an NCFCA team started here, and having our monthly Mom's night at our home. So many people considering homeshooling due to Common Core, School board meetings where they are shouted down and indecency on Ipads in the classroom. Crazy.

So, in between work, info nights, shopping and cooking our simple, yet complex diet, we did get some school done. MP Geography- which I had forgotten about for a week! First Form Latin, which we are cruising along at about 2 lessons a week, American the Beautiful by Notgrass at a section a week, Perplexors, which really make us all work, Rosetta Stone, Wrap-Ups on Line, Progeny Press, Spelling You See and Math.

Dr. Dh won major Dad points this week by bringing arrows home for Cub, who is currently a shooting fool. They didn't last long, however, which caused great consternation, as this is something duct tape can't fix. In his spare time he is critically analyzing the incorrect stance of Katniss on the posters. My child.

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