Saturday, May 10, 2014

From Here to There

Our good friend, Peter, had an art show this week, featuring works from his friends in Cote d'Ivoire. Loved the setting, the dress, the artwork. And Peter, of course! 
Wish I had $1000 to buy up some amazing artwork!


We did a good bit of school this week. Perplexors continue to rock. And to perplex us. We have collectively decided that in the Perplexors "More" series, about every 3rd one leaves a clue out. We are hitting First Form Latin and Rosetta Stone German hard, continue to read Notgrass American History and have spent tons of time just playing with kittens. 

They are THAT cute.
Flower and I took them out this week and spent an hour watching them learn to climb up the front steps.While one would struggle to make it to the next step, the kitten below him would bat at his tail, throwing the stalwart mountain stair climbing kitten off balance.  They also still have their startle reflex. So, they'd just innocently follow the dog around the yard. When Ursa would turn to say "Hi" they would flip out- "HEY, It's a DOG!!", hiss, arch their back and jump straight up into the air (think Aristocats). 


Cub blew through the Hunger Games Trilogy, finishing the Progeny Press study guide. His overall comment, "I did NOT LIKE this series." Dystopian lit is just what it is. He has declared himself, NOT a dystopian reader. 
In related news Cub's interest Interest in bow shooting has been piqued. He spent many hours in the barn-yard shooting, to the point of wearing out the arrows. Metal arrows have nothing on built-to-last tongue and groove, 90 year old barns! And did you check out his t-shirt from last year's Shakespeare Camp?- King Lear. Total love, right there, baby.

He'll be playing Puck this year - a life long dream fulfilled at 14- wootwoot! Which is a mere 2 weeks after Drama Camp. He is busy memorizing and singing and singing some more! 


We have an embarrassment of amazing choices for co-ops and class days for fall, too the extent that I have made a chart. I'm getting pickier by the year about what we invest in time and money wise, but living 2 miles from the edge of nowhere, with sanguine types, demands some social interaction. We've been hosting area homeshcool meet-ups and discovered that there are literally tons of families homeschooling out in the back woods plains Territories with us. 


Classical Education nourishes the soul, as well as the intellect: "The hard, precipitous path of classical education ideally led not to knowledge alone, but to the cultivation of mind and spirit. Knowledge did not in and of itself, justify the sweat. The climb was meant to transform one’s intellectual and aesthetic nature as well. ~ From Climbing Parnassus.


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