Sunday, May 4, 2014

Andrew Pudewa and Our Busy Week!

My Weekly Report got consumed by Real Life. Friday was the last day of co-op in which the kids did a small scale geography fair again. So cute and wonderful-- tri-folds,  food, presentations, power-points. Love the creativity of the 4-6th grade age-range! 

Then it was off to our local conference. I worked the IEW booth again, with new friends Jan, Britton and family. Since Andrew Pudewa was the guest speaker, we were very busy. It was a great week-end of meeting old friends, making new ones, meeting FB peeps IRL and hanging out with Mr. Pudewa. Mr. Pudewa is every bit as gracious and kind as I would expect,  just taller than he looks on DVD. Cub was able to sit in on an all-day Essay Writing Class, and Flower made it to his "Gender Matters" presentation, we talked California and chiggers in Oklahoma over pizza and came away with more IEW ourselves-because there's more great stuff to be had!

Flower made it to not only one, but two, painting classes, hosted by the conference for a small fee for the kids- Brilliant and so fun for the kids! Stay tuned for final results later this week!

A busy, busy week-end, but full and fun, book-ended by work days, and homeschooling and lots of ideas floating around about fun times to be had just ahead!

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