Friday, February 7, 2014

Etc. Etc. Etc.

marraige has the first in a series on Marriage by my very favorite psychologist: 

Audio, visual and tech featured heavily in our homeschool this week: Great Courses Mental Math, History of the Medieval World by SWB, Flying Creatures of the 5th day; Mango Languages and Rosetta Stone, along with Vocabulary/Spelling City. Throw in some math and tons of reading and it was a pretty good week. 

So gotta get us some of these....

I received tons of curriculum in the mail this week from some of my favorite places: Roman Road Media and Bridgeway Academy.  And tomorrow I'll be posting my review of Learn Math Fast, along with the Rafflecopter for not 1, but 2 awesome LMF give-aways! 

Best healthy breakfast of the week: Organic eggs served with sliced avocados with lots of sea salt. Organo Gold coffee with a hint of honey. Delish. 

Front Cover
Watching the King and I with my newly turned 11 year old and friends. Flower's infatuation with this flick caused Cub to get out Ana and the King and read it this week. A beautiful love story and book. Not to mention fantastic choreography in the movie.
We also watched The Butler. Blech and double blech. Dark and depressing. I kept waiting for the redemptive punch line, but the left that part out and replaced it with a campaign speech. Honestly wished I hadn't wasted the $1. 39 to rent it.

I never made it through the book, but the movie was fascinating, despite the syncretism.
'Cause everyone needs an inner Hobbes. 

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