Friday, September 7, 2012

Week One, Done.


School is underway.  A full and busy week.
We left the wonderful world of Family Camp and spent Monday polyurethaning doors and working on hardware. Came out pretty good, I think.

Tuesday was the first day of Tutoring Center. Cub is taking World Geography, Writing, Pre-Physics. Flower is sitting in on Geography. Wednesday saw us at Awanas and Friday is the first day of co-op.

Wednesday and Thursday we hit the books: Math. Cub is trying out Saxon Alg 1/2. So far so good. As long as I hang out with him. If I don't everything and it's uncle is far more interesting than what's on the page, extending math into an hours long living torture exercise for us both. Solution- he gets up earlier and works on math before Dad leaves.

Started on Greek history, the kids made charts of the Greek gods, complete with Roman names. Who knew Cub had D'Aulaire's Greek Myths almost memorized? American History with Grueber. Nice, short chapers. I can get behind that.

Book of Latin Roots for Children
Started memorizing Horatius at the Bridge. Both kids flipped out a little, but I told them if they completed the Churchill Challenge they could pick a reward on completion and I'd videotape it and post it on my blog. They are all about earning stuff and getting videotaped!  Legos for Cub and a party for Flower. Started with the first page- lovely rhyme meter. It's going to be fun!
Copywork, MP's latin saying and songs- great stuff! Love their copywork books!

Big win for the youngers was Complete a Sketch. Who knew? They wanted to do more and more and more. And Perplexors. GREAT little math workbook! Flower wanted to finish her book yesterday. Um, no. Writing, science, and Latin. A little rusty on Latin.

Divine Comedy Teacher Guide
Feeche started on The Divine Comedy using MP's study guide. We picked up Sayers translation only because B and N had it in stock. Good stuff. He is also cruising through the Music theory book and loving it. Physics went well and he watched the first couple of experiments on line, begging on doing them himself (dropping a ball). He started the 20th century by the decade, reading Spielvogel.

First week, almost complete. Today is co-op in the morning, then Lego League in the afternoon.

Evenings walks, the weather has been delightful, even if it's windy during the day. Wildlife sittings included the sick deer the game warden took out and a beauitful little Martin our cats deposited in the front yard. I hope that means that all of the smaller, mouse-like rodents are making a wide-berth around the house. The guinea fowl continue to be entertaining.

Coming up with lunches for everybody on Tuesdays and Fridays is one of my biggest challenges. Any great ideas for stuff that is filling and not terribly expensive?

Up Till Now

Finished Bill Shatner's Up Till Now, well written, tongue in cheek overview of his career and family life. The humor made the book.


Gillian said...

Sounds like a good week! Te doors look great, btw.

Memoria Press certainly has pretty books, don't they? Off to look at their copywork ones.

Kristie said...

Our torture is writing...and we're only just starting Kindergarten, lol. Thanks for sharing such great resources. I'll have to check them out!

Mary said...

We love Perplexors!!!