Friday, September 21, 2012



By my talented friend Jannell- check out her blog here.


Downtown Abby. Enough said.
(except I have to add that it fits in great with our study of the 20th century this year! and why the heck wasn't Season II available at Sams when I went looking for it?!)

We are in the midst of a front yard make-over. It started because I thought Feeche and I could whip together the side path- a simple brick design that mimicked the front path, right? Silly me. The path goes to the north and west of the house has extended to a nice little bricked area for the park bench,. It will be lovely when it's done! Check back soon for pictures!


Tis the season of the tomato. Dried Red Tomatoes. Tart, tangy, delish.


Horatius at the Bridge. Lovely poem about loyalty and patriotism. Cub has gotten ahold of the "challenge bit" and told Dad this week that he was participating in the "Churchill Challenge."
When all else fails helping the kids memorize something gives me such an educational sense of satisfaction. Like we've really done something, you know? I've written tons on memory work- you can read more about it here, here and here.

Memoria Press rocks.  It is simple, systematic, and efficient. The kids love the projects and reading for FMOG as well as Christian Studies. The Divine Comedy is a bright spot in Feeche's day. Math, science, writing, memory work, for. language (our achilles heel the past 3 weeks). The days fly by and are full up.
Lego League continues to be challenging fun. There is so much to the program and the kids are learning so much about team-work, gracious professionalism, coopertition, flow charts, decision making, creativity and problem solving. The ultimate unit study!  I am loving the maturity I'm seeing in the team. The pressure is on, however, as the first round of competition occurs in December!

the last laugh....
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True Story.

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Faith said...

I always love reading your weekly recaps. LOL at the nutella pic (though frankly I don't know what all the fuss is about).

LaughingLioness said...

You are so sweet, Faith. I love knowing about what you are doing, too!! I don't get nutella either- but the kids have all asked for it for Xmas! ; )

Nicole said...

LOOOOOOOVE Downton Abbey!!! I cannot WAIT until the new season!!

Adamant Academy said...

Nutella guy in the picture reminds me of the youngest when I served him nutella toast at breakfast! I thought he was gonna bust a vessel or something! Great week