Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Summer Snapshot 5- Pool Noodles

I spent a fair amount of my childhood in and around pools, hours and hours, really. I became a life guard at age 15, a WSI at 18 and guarded and taught Red Cross swimming through high school and college and at camps,  swam on a swim team and basically had a wardrobe of swimming suits each summer (1-piece Speedos, racing back, all the way, baby. Well, except for the string bikini that had huge magenta flowers all over it I bought at Disney World when I was 16. Those were the days....But I digress..). Anyhow, I'm old enough to observe that pool noodles are a realatively new phenomenon. In all of my hours and years pool side as a youth, there was never anything like a pool noodle. Or floatees for that matter. My dad's method of teaching us the important skill of learning to swim? Throw em' in the lake. If we fought  to survive, he figured we were  keepers. No mamsy pamsy little floaties for his progeny, no sirree, bob. We all lived and ended up excellent swimmers but none of us have fond memories of Dad's draconian educational methods. Bu I digress. Back to the pool noodle.... Sure they are fun to float around with. But the true beauty and inspiration of a pool noodle lies in one's ability to shoot water through it.

Oh.My.Word. Flower and I had way, way too much fun yesteday ganging up on Cub and water noodle shooting. We were laughing so hard I was pretty sure one of us would drown (most likely me- my fight to survive has most likely been killed off by middle age). Between the water shooting and the laughing and the slipping, sliding and noodle grabbing we splashed a significant amount of water out of the pool where it instantly evaporated in to the way too hot atmostphere. Worth every drop.

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Jannell said...

OOOOOOh. Don't say middle-aged!