Friday, June 22, 2012

Summer Snapshot 1

Dh spent the day working on door frames. This included sanding, gluing, wood filling, more sanding and hauling them out to areas 2 in the yard where I took over and stained and polyurethaned the new lot of them. At some point soon they will be framing the door openings on the second floor- bedrooms, bath and walk-up attic.
Took the doors out of my closet opening (cause to call it a closet at this point is way too grand) to re-asses. Lots of work still to be done; sanding, gluing, staining and polyurethaning. The good news is we have saved ourselves a couple grand by re-claiming the old doors instead of buying new solid hard wood doors.

While we cleaned up, and then jumped in the pool with the notsolittles, KB baked brownies (she bailed on the pool after a teeth chattering 5 minutes. Ended the evening porch sitting, feasting on brownies smothered in fresh peaches and cool whip. GAPS groupies, please disregard ; )

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