Friday, March 2, 2012

Spring Break-ish

Landry Academy is on spring break this week and then Tutoring Center was cancelled due to inclement weather. Cub and Feeche were struggling with some kind of virus and it seemed like a good time to call for Spring Break, planned for or not. We still spent hours reading and got through Section III of the History of the Medieval World. It's been a great overview.

We are making our way through Learn Math Fast, Book I. I am loving it. The lessons are straight-forward and simple, presenting complex concepts with simplicity. Be sure to read the review and sign-up for the give-away here.

The week's read-aloud was Minn of the Mississippi. We've been Holling C. Holling fans for years. We had a great time on Google Earth checking out the locations in the story.

YouTube has been providing us with hours of science fun in the form of Bill Nye, MSB and the Periodic Table song. The kids have blasted through Biology 101 (after watching Chem 101 with Feeche) and were thrilled at all of the fascinating and disgusting science facts presented. Flower's co-op class outdid itself last week by doing a cow's heart dissection. While other kids were excusing themselves from thr room Flower was perched over her teacher's shoulder asking to touch it.

Dorothy Sayers and the Lord Peter Wimsey detective series have occupied my free time. Rich, colorful language, a brilliant snap-shot of a time and a place, intriguing plots, characters to love.

It finally decided to be winter around her. Blowing wind, sheets of ice, snow, complete with lightening and thunder.

How was your week?

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