Friday, July 8, 2011

Summer Break

House Work  - got boatloads of housework done with the crew from Ohio. The front door opens (PTL!), all of the wood trim is hauled upstairs and stacked neatly, outlets are drilled with plate covers over them, the kitchen is organized, fans are installed in the bathrooms, the laundry room is almost finished and much more that I am not remembering right now. Tons of little jobs that take forever. WOOHOO. Thanks you Builder Bob and Wendy, and Dan too!

More house work - we have ceiling and ceiling/wall mudding to do in the bedroom that goes to the attic. Everything is covered and ready for mudding. And we can get to the front porch now that it is mostly cleared. I hope to get it painted and finished soon because that is a whole 'nuther room to live in. Plus it's enclosed and the perfect 3 season room; perfect. Need to borrow or buy a paint sprayer and texturizing machine soon. Anybody out there have one they want to loan or sell?

Shakespeare Camp was a fantastic experience. The kids did an awesome, stupendous, fantastic job.

For this amazing recipe go to Janell's blog here.
Fireworks at our house was double the fun because, as usual, there were folks at the river (which borders our south pasture). The cool thing was that they were shooting off fireworks intermittently with ours. The 4th found us at our friends house, surrounded by friends, food, and lots more fireworks.

Harvested our first cabbage. It is lovely. Beets are up soon and I still need to can the strawberry jam.

Feeche harvests hay with our Green Acres neighbor. He loves working with Stan and loves working outdoors.

Book list: Escape, The Housing Boom and Bust, The Islamic Tsunami, Crash of the Titans. Over the Edge of the World, Devil in the Details, The War of Art.The boys are still deep in to Lawhead. They finish one and start another. No complaints here. He is a master story teller.

Pinterest. 'Nuff said.


Jannell said...

Laura likes Lawhead too!

Merry Christmas said...

I love your summer break. Keep them productive that what I say. We just go to the high school track every day and go swimming 3 days a week.

Love your summer break.

Homeschooling6 said...

Looks like you all had a great week!

Six In The Northwest said...

It's haying time around here as well. We were so thankful the farmers were able to get their hay in without any rain. We've hardly had a 2-3 day spell without rain all year.

Jade =) said...

LOL @ Pinterest. Oh, it's addictive for sure! Have a great rest of your weekend!