Friday, July 15, 2011

I was going to do 7 before and after’s for today's post.  While I definitely have for more than 7 before’s,  the "after's" are poking along.

1. Buffet re-do. Sanded the confederate blue and re-painted it black, re-sanded, re-painted, sprayed the hardware  a silver nickel color (to match our kitchen pulls) , and got it inside. LOVE it. BUT, I decided to go ahead and paint the inside of the 2 doors black and Viking Man and I decided it really, really needed a coat of clear stain over top. We need to haul it back out to the front porch but I've been knee deep in windows (see # 6)
2. Laundry room. It's still an old farmhouse basement laundry room. But it does have a chute now (nice for a 4 story house!). That being said,  don'tcha love the color? It's sour apple green, not orange like I was thinking. I went paint shopping with my mil, who has a penchant for green. It's perfect. And the chimney turned brown. We switched around the folding table and put the antique drying rack in the side-yard for summer. It will go against the chimney when it comes back in. We we-organized the tools, took the hanging rack (i.e.KB's closet) to the large basement dorm room and reveled in something else completely.finished.

3. Dining room lighting and usable outlet on the front porch.  Thanks Grandpa Bob!!
4. Powder room off the kitchen, re-painted the area next to the ceiling and added saying. Those small swipes of not-mixed white paint near the top of the walls were driving my compulsive side nuts.

5. Fresh, organic garden produce handcrafted into delicious, healthy meals. I felt like I was the star actress in "The Victory Garden Cooks."
Cole-slaw, green beans and onions, cukes and beet green quiche -which was surprisingly good. Not pictured was the beet/potato salad and broccoli and chicken with cheese (both delish!). I am loving my new cookbook: Serving Up the Harvest
  6. Front porch. HAHAHA. It's so totally in the "before" stage it's not even worth mentioning but I'm going to because we've spent hours on it already. The ceiling is painted, the floor is scraped, the windows are removed, some of them scraped and some of them cleaned, waiting for a coat of fresh paint. 12 windows, count 'em, 12 on the porch alone. Not counting the other 25 throughout the rest of the house. It's one of the reasons we fell in love with the place. We'll have stained or painted all of them before our little house re-build project is done. I still love the windows, yes I really, really do.

7. Hard Work & Relaxing. Went to see the city summer light show last week before Miss. R returned to L'ville. Interesting area history. And of course a great time clambering over the rocks at the falls and checking out area wildlife.

I did read this week: Escape ; a fascinating look at sociopathy and debilitating dependence. What a contrast to In the Land of the Believers . Thoughts on a post about both are percolating but between the house, cooking, gardening and Viking Man's class he is teaching on-line it's been a slow perk.
What did you do this week?


Mrs. Brooke said...

Looks like a jam-packed week! Keep pluggin' along!

Bia said...

before and after ... story of my life in that i have many more befores than afters!!! ;)))

but i do love house projects/renovations ...

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