Thursday, September 30, 2010


Corn Palace
Monday we spent the day field tripping. First, the World's Only (can you believe it?) Corn Palace. Then a Prehistoric (1000 year old) Indian Village. Great museum displays and video explaining the site, trade routes, culture. They had an actual dig site on location. Way cool. Stopped by one of the many farm stands and picked up some gorgeous fall color.

Indian Village Museum

Academics for the week included, but was not limited to the following. Feche-boy: Chemistry: another chapter down. He is really enjoying Dr. H's sense of humor and ability to make simple difficult things. American Lit: Ben Franklin done and outline for the paper complete. Latin: still moving s.l.o.w. Hung up on genders - we have had lots of fun joking him about that, let me tell ya! Choir: loving Joseph and the Technicolor Dream Coat. Art: lesson on church history symbols and beautiful chalk drawings.

Cub: Science: Last week's dissection of an earthworm was followed up with a Flower Dissection and next week holds the promise of a Grasshopper dissection (Mrs. G ROCKS). Tutoring center is a blast- Drawing the World with Art, From Sea to Shining Sea and Writing Tales. I never thought I'd use anything but IEW, but this was what was offered at Tutoring Center and I am not disappointed. Choir, Art, gym at co-op- a total blast.

Flame of Wisdom Sculpture

Flower:  Workbook pages from ETC 7, Math, Geography. Lives for co-op where she loves the geography unit study, music, art and gym. Mrs. G gave her entire class an A+ for music and she told everyone for a week! She is in the largest class, chock-full of cute and bubbly little girls like her. She is in girlie heaven!  

For everybody- Math, Bible (the book of John),  SOTW 3, Poetry.
Phys Ed included lots of outside time. The weather has been gorgeous! Cub and Flower have spent hours and hours on their bikes. They've declared their riding alter egos to be Jonathan Whiplash and Jane Moped. Seriously.  I can't make this stuff up!

Jane Moped and Jonathan Whiplash!
The kids and I taped and painted 90% of the first floor and Viking Man cleared it of furniture. Friday and Saturday our friendly floor refinishing folks are coming out to buff and put the final coats of polyurethane on the main floor. We are heading south and (finally) going to the zoo along with catching up on the missed dinner with friends from Sem. We are making good on a couple of warranties already and are having an entire window replaced (which means we have to stain it again) along with over 10 feet of counter top. I have to say our vendors have been wonderful to work with! The building inspector was out last week along with a sales rep from the local hardware store. They'd all seen the house when we still had an 18" hole in it where the kitchen used to be. Every one oof them is astounded at the transformation of this old house. Makes me happy = ).

Miss R and a band of buddies from the South are coming for their fall break next week to help us work. We have lots and lots of sanding on the agenda. We are looking forward to the help and the fellowship!!

How was your week? Is the weather beautiful where you are at?  


Betty Marie said...

Love the kids alter ego biking names! We are on a break this week and tackling household chores and have been blessed with much peace in the home... happy sigh...

Faith said...

I have always wanted to visit that corn palace. I'm jealous!

Looks like a good week for you!

Alas, it rained nearly all week here. Hard. And gloomy. . .

LaughingLioness said...

We haven't done enough school yet to warrant a break but next week will be one ready or not!
Faith- hoping you get some lovely fall days your way soon!
Peace in the home- LOVE that = )

Kash said...

Mmm, all that produce looks yummy! Now I really can't wait for the farmers' market in the morning. :)

We finally got autumn weather down here in the south - highs below 80°F. Bliss!

Deanna said...

Homeschooling is grand, is it not?

Robyn said...

I marvel at all you get done in the midst of a chaotic situation at home! You're always so up-beat too... enjoy the zoo! Looks like you had a great week!

Laurie said...

Fun! Reminds me of the K├╝rbisfests (pumpkin festivals) that we have here. I'd love to go to a real, live corn palace, LOL!

Daisy said...

No, the weather is NOT nice where I am at. Booo Hooo. It is 100+ today. Uugh. where is my fall?

I'm glad you had so much fun though. The field trips would be great!

So you are liking Writing Tales. I may have to look at it.

Dottie said...

Those field trips looked like a ton of fun.

Mandy in TN said...

Yes, our weather is the beautiful early fall weather of mid-TN. I love it.

The field trips looked great and the bike names were funny!

Karen said...

We're having perfect weather here too. We need rain, but I can't argue with perfect.

Your week looks amazing.