Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sukkot: The Festival of Booths

Yesterday was Sukkot, The Festival of Booths. Israel celebrates Sukkot in remembrance of their 40 years of tent dwelling as they wandered in the desert and their victorious entrance to the promised land under Joshua. It was a good commemoration for our family this year. We've been "wandering" since last October when we were burned out of our house. Immediately following the fire we spent 5 days at the retreat center where Viking Man does Biblical Counseling; then a week in Ohio at Neil & Laura's for the funeral (Thanks you 2; what would we do without you?); then a month in a hotel while we looked for a short term lease and Viking Man dealt with pneumonia Round #2; 9 months at our leased house and finally back home for a month where we've been living amidst construction. Home but not homey.  Yet.
We've been wanderers. Waiting for the promise to manifest itself in tangible ways.
Which it is. Slowly.
Our great plains Succa. Don't ya love the deer antlers up top?
(Not regulation, but for Great Plains gentiles it's the thought that counts.)

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Deanna said...

What a interesting parallel of your family and Israel. It looks like it was a wonderful family fellowship.
Oh, and I love the tent ;).