Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Rockin Week in Pierre

TeenPact in Pierre. Camp at it's finest. A purpose. Fun. Fellowship. A clearer vision. Lots of laughs.
Teresa and Joanne. Two of the awesome moms that stayed for the week. The week wouldn't have happened without Joanne!Higher math fun.
Cub, all dressed up and off to conquer the capital!
The Mom's who feed us (at least some of them). Kitchen Queen Monica and Kitchen Elf Darci. We ate like royalty all week long!! Feche-boy speaking at our Press Conference.

Our State Capitol.

Evening games included "Story," -which always includes lots of laughs!

Ultimate Frisbee is a must at any TeenPact event!

Founder and President of TeenPact, Tim Echols. He enjoyed the peanut butter pie, inspired kids and parents during the evening sessions, called a press conference, met almost everyone in SD and didn't stop moving the entire couple of days he was here!

One last one of Feche-boy, giving the speech that got him elected state legislator for the year.
We had an awesome class this year. Awesome kids, awesome staff, awesome camp, awesome parents, awesome program. TeenPact is hands-on learning at it's finest. Check out the state class nearest you at

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