Thursday, October 6, 2016

LuLaRoe Review and Give Away!

KB is guest posting for me today. Her sweet bambino, Samwise is on the move, and LuLaRoe have been her go-to style since he made his entrance  a few short months ago.
Now let’s talk Lularoe! What is all the fuss about? If you haven’t gone out on the limb and spent the twenty-five something dollars on a pair of these leggings yet, go ahead and give them a shot, sister! Or if you’ve seen all those give aways and “legging loops” put your name in, girl! Totally worth it!
Pre-pregnancy I was an all-jeans kind of girl. I had two pairs of yoga pants, for running and bed. But you wouldn’t catch me dead just bumming around in them at home! Not once, never… not unless I didn’t have a pair of clean jeans and that was nearly impossible as I owned probably ten pairs!
Now fast forward to during pregnancy and post-partum. Are there maternity jeans? Why yes, yes there are. Do they last until you fit into “regular” jeans. For the most part, they do. An investment that I highly recommend, if you’re a jeans type of gal. 
However, jeans on post-partum still-healing mommy just is not comfortable for me. Unless they are slip on jean-leggings or something along those lines - zippers and button jeans are currently either to large or too small, too tight or too… Name something. No fun! Hot, sweaty, uncomfortable, falling down or stuffed in a rough material that literally attracts dirt and spit up is not what I call enjoyable.
My husband took me shopping for jeans several times to no avail. Nothing fits the same, and the only jeans that worked are still maternity – although the bands do slowly slip off throughout the day. Maybe this is just me still embracing my post pregnancy body… However I have found some wonderful jean substitutes!
In a last ditch effort, I put my name in for a couple of Lularoe “legging loops” and other give aways. Shocklingy, I lucked out and won a free pair of grey heathered leggings and three different styles of shirt from the loop.
The leggings came in a purple packing envelope. In the envelope was a thank you note for participating, a piece of candy, business card and then the Lularoe packaged leggings. They were crisp, they definitely were soft and I couldn’t wait to wear them!
The next day I wore my heather grey leggings with an oversized, nursing friendly top. Let me tell you OH MY!! “Buttery soft” really doesn’t do the softness of these leggings justice. And no, I am not over exaggerating. Yes, you can get “soft leggings anywhere…” But you can’t get butter-soft leggings that don’t pull, tear, cover everything, hold up and look clean despite baby spit up! It wiped right off! They haven’t caught on anything yet, they wash beautifully, and the Tall and Curvy fit my tall and curvy post partum frame. If I wanted, I could easily wear heals, or my tennis shoes with my new black legging purchase.
 I’m not one to buy into fads, but this is definitely a popular brand for a reason… and just look at the variety of patterns. There are some crazy prints that I really don’t understand. However, there are some other truly beautiful prints out there (and no I’m not referencing the ice cream cone or doughnut prints).
The shirts are equally soft, comfortable and nursing friendly! Very post-partum friendly, easy to wash, adorable patterns! So much fun!
In Conclusion, well worth the very little investment I put forth J And I will be happy to purchase from them!
Interested in trying product, but not willing to bite the bullet financially? Host a facebook pop-up, or put your name in for a give away J I assure you, it will be worth it!

Check out my hostess page on Facebook: Lovely Leggings PopUp. Send a request to join and KB will accept within an hour. 
To enter the give-away, join the page and leave a comment on the FaceBook page, telling us which LuLaRoe you love! Winner will receive a free pair of leggings! 

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