Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Challenge B Tools of the Trade

Challenge B Community Day is always a highlight of our week. 
Part of my prep is to have supplies at the ready for each of my 4 tables (we have a full and fun class of 12 this year!). I have four Dollar store bins that I put on each table. While I go into class with a clear plan for the day, we are always ready for the unexpected!

Included in each bin are games- scrabble tiles, dice, Logic Bingo, a pack of cards and a Board Slam card - the games are laminated. We don't use all of the games every week, but if we find ourselves with time on our hands, we are prepared. 
Also included, file folders, turned into time lines, mini-white-boards and markers. The kids do math, grammar, games and logic on the white boards. 
Laminated sheets- one with the 5 Common Topics and the 5 Cannons of Rhetoric, along with "Using the 5 Common Topics in Math Discussion." We use these weekly. 

Small, mini notebooks, that we also use weekly. These are our "Collect, Connect, Compose," notebooks. We spend the last 15 minutes of every Community Day on this, and share with each other. It's been a great wrap-up to our day! 
ad gloriam Dei! 

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