Friday, July 15, 2016

Memory and Hope

Jenny Rallens said something interseting in her talke the Liturgical Classroom and Virtue Formation that speaks to my little memory loving heart.
We cannot memorize with out a sense of it (senses meaning with our senses- sight, hearing, taste, touch, smell)
We can't think without memory.

Stop and ponder that for a minute. Without memory, we cannot think. I mean, really think.

  1. 1.
    have a particular opinion, belief, or idea about someone or something.
    "she thought that nothing would be the same again"
    synonyms:believe, be of the opinion, be of the view, be under the impression; More
  2. 2.
    direct one's mind toward someone or something; use one's mind actively to form connected ideas.

Withoug memory we can mimic, imitate or pretend but we can't truly think for ourselves. Given today's educational climate, that should give us all pause.

Memory is the Mother of Learning. Because without it, we remain childish in our thoughts and minds. With it, we can  brave oceans. face unbeatable odds, create sagas and symphonies, perform Shakespeare, own the poetry and prose of famous men, have the courage and conviction to face death for our beliefs.

I want that for my kids. I want that for myself. Honestly, I want that for your kids and the kids in inner city L.A. and for the kids half way around the world. I want them to be able to think. I want them to know the difference between emotion and reason, between cause and effect, between this life and the next. So that they can wonder, and marvel and have real courage, for the True things. @Golden Grasses 2008-2013. All photographs, artwork and text are the property of the owner unless otherwise stated. Don't miss a thing! Subscribe to Golden Grasses and get our articles right to your inbox!

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