Saturday, July 23, 2016

7 Reasons I'm Excited about the Up- Coming School Year

Classical Conversations. Our local Challenge Community has grown from 6 last June to over 24 + for this coming year! What's the draw? Classical, Christian Community. Our kids are growing and laughing together, being challenged to do more than they realized they could, growing in their understanding of who God is and what their personal repsone to Him is. Is it because CC's program is magical? No. It's a program. But it's a program based on time honored principals, a Biblical foundation and leadership that takes their mandate as Christians, "To Know God and to Make Him Known" seriously.

Challenge B- woohoo, baby. We are going to drown a little in Logic before we really learn to swim, keep mastering and loving Henle Latin, delve in to Current Events (during a crazy election year, no less), read and write Short Stories (sing my literary love song!), participate in Mock Trial, do a semseter long Science Fair and create a Famous Scientists time-line and so much more. Sure, Challenge is serious academic work, but it is peppered throughout with A-Mazing projects.Yeah, I'm in love.

Challenge 2- hang on to your hats, boys and girls. It's going to be a wild-ride through all of Henle 1, Brit Lit (be still my heart), Policy Debate, the Arts (super love), writing mock art-grants. I mean, really? All done with an amazing Lead Learner (Thank-you, God, for Kari!) and amazing, like minded friends.

Morning Symposium. Morning hang-out with my peeps.

Music Lessons- piano and violin, taught by our sweet, lovely country neighbors. They are both still in high school but terrific, patient teachers Love having home-made music in the house!

Kempo Karate, baby. The kids work hard, laugh hard, are learning amazing self-defense moves and making all sorts of crazy, fun loving friends to boot. Small town bonus, right there.

Speaking of babies. Mr. Samwise is pretty fun to hang around with! 
Isn't that the cutest little face? 
KB and Mr. V have already picked out Homegrown Preschool for this little guy,

Throw in as many Old Western Culture DVD's we can fit in (all of them- we love them that much!),Grammar of Poetry, a couple of plays, TeenPact alumni events, LifeLight and hanging our with our friend, Pesach Wollinki from the CJCUC, the County Fair, Youth Group, trying to keep up with the other awesome Bibliophiles on Plumfield and Paideia  and other regular life events and it should be an awesome year! Full, and have I mentioned busy yet?, but good.  

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RB said...

You go girl!!!
If you need a break, I'm only a phone call away! We can hang out and laugh a lot and cry if need be!
Love you friend!
Your kids are the best!