Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The Grammar of Poetry: On-line this Time

The Grammar of Poetry was THE first curriculum review I ever wrote. I wrote it because I LOVED the program; I was teaching it in a co-op and as a long time poet, fell in love. Since then, the program has been re-published by Roman Roads Media. I had the great pleasure of being chosen to write a review of Roman Roads Media's newly re-published Grammar of Poetry as well as Old Western Culture, taught by the imitable Wes Callihan. I immediately became a member of the I love Wes/ I love RRM fan club (no, it's not real, but lets talk a few minutes and I convince you that you do need most, if not ALL of the RRM published curriculum!).

And then, because Dr. Dh challenged me in an area (it's his way), I contacted RRM and we've been talking ever since. And now, I'll be working for them in a couple of capacities, including Book Rep AND teaching The Grammar of Poetry on-line as part of Roman Roads Media's flipped classroom program. I am super excited. Have I mentioned I love this program? If you want your kids to GET creative writing, to GET meter, to understand the beauty of poetry and good writing, you really want to check out this curriculum. And, if you love fabulous curriculum, master teachers and inspiring lessons you want to spend some time on the Roman Roads Media site.

And see that cute crowd above? They are just a few of my former Grammar of Poetry students.

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