Monday, March 23, 2015

How to Suceed as a Homeschooler

1- Learning All the Time  I mean you, the Homeschooling Teacher. The first law of the teacher is to know the material, which takes time and energy.If you want to succeed as a homeschooler, model learning. Model reading, Model intellectual enthusiams, fed on a diet of good books, high standards and cultivated interest in things that matter beyond ones self. Embrace the pursuit of knowledge.

2- Be Humble  You are one of many, with unique talents, skills and abilities, areas of weakness and lack. Serve, even if you are unsure or unqualified; you'll gain skills, talent and wisdom by doing so.

3-Thirst for Knowledge and Wisdom. Ask questions, taking a stance of vunerability; willingly admitting that you don't have all of the answers and that there is always more to learn. You can be both expert and student at the same time.

3-Be Generous and Open Handed (in keeping with #2). You believe in the law of more begets more, and that  a rising tide raises all ships-  share opportunities, people, competitions, curriculum, knowledge.

4- Be Extravagant Homeschooling is the adventure of a life time and you get to share that adventure with some of the coolest people in your life- you family! There is so much to learn, people to met, place to go! Share what you have, what you know, the amazing people in your life. 

5- Be Industrious Homeschooling takes being intentional and proactive. You really need to show up, be prepared, and have a plan and DO IT.

6- Be Tolerant of others shortcomings and lack, along with your own and those of your kids. Allow your kids the time it takes to learn. 

7-Be Responsible Education is the transmission of culture. Not taking responsibility for your kids- their behavior or education- teaches them a culture of postmodern slothfulness. 

8- Be Godly Live your faith outloud, praying and worshiping with your kids, seeking God's goodness and mercy and wisdom. 

9-Focus on Being Faithful and leave the Outcomes to God -We've homeschooled long enough to know about every homeschool failure out there- runaways, drug addicts, felons, teen pregnancies, truly rebellious young adults that have caused their families heartbreak. I've learned some hard lessons in my tenure as a homeschooler and probably the most personal and the most painful has been this: I am called to live my life faithfully. God has called us to homeschool. God hasn't guaranteed, in return, that we get brilliant, faithful, kind, obedient, ambitious, focused, academic, Godly, moral people as a result. In fact, homeschooling is not an insurance policy. We don't get x for investing y. Every person, every child, every young adult that has been homeschooled, public schooled or raised by wolves, has to work out their own salvation with fear and trembling. And their salvation is between them and God. No amount of homesschooling, prayer or pleading can guarantee any outcome in regards to another person, be they our beloved child or not. This is not something you are going to hear much about in homeschooling circles. Truth rarely sells well, and formulas do. Guard your heart against them because the only person you get to choose for is yourself. If you are homeschooling, do it wholeheartedly as unto the Lord. Leave the outcomes, and your children, in His hands. 

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