Sunday, March 29, 2015

Waiting on Spring, Now

Both Flower and Cub are reading, note-taking and costume gathering for their "Faces of History" paper and presentation. Flower had a last minute person change to Shirley Temple Black. She is mesmerized. Read one biographer who said something to the effect that like all youngest children she was doted on and spoiled. Flower (youngest of 5) counters with a comment that being the youngest is the best because you can learn from the mistakes of your older brothers and sisters and then she proceeds to pounce on Feeche sitting near-by and revel in the fact that she is a totally loved little sister.

Cub is doing George Washington, of course. 'Cause he has loved him since he was 3, and still does. I can get behind that superhero.

We are making the switch to MathUSee for Math. I am hoping this does the trick for certain super smart and not very math minded individuals. Math has been our nemesis on more than one occasion.

We have done 2 homeschooling groups this year (as we have in the past) and love both for what they are. Classical Conversations on Tuesdays. So wonderful on so many levels. Hard core memory work, Science Labs, Fine Arts, Presentations and Essentials: Grammar on steroids, Writing and Math Games. Our Thursday group this Spring has consisted of dissection (perch, crayfish, grasshopper, earthworm so far) led by a science minded Mom (thank-God for friends like that!), Poetry, the Grammar of, of course, and WaterColor with some cool field trips thrown in, tons of laughs and great snacks.

I've contracted for Classical Conversations Challenge A Director and our class for fall is half-full already! Can't wait to get started! Fantastic info meeting last night and more to come!

Feeche is back to work doing construction and classes and enjoying early mornings and working hard. He is like a human vacuum when he gets home!

Spring is on its way. We have tulips and lilies popping up. It's almost flower season!

Tons more reviews coming up so stay tuned. And check 8 Ways to Fail as a Homeschooler and 9 Ways to Succeed!


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