Saturday, December 27, 2014

What's Ahead for 2nd Semester

I'll be posting a year end wrap up soon but we're already scheduling January so first up is a "What's Ahead."

Beginning next week we'll begin our One Act Play Practices. This is the 9th year we've participated this local festival for area homeschool high-schoolers. I have a great play picked out, a terrific bevy of kids and am already thinking costumes, including how to dress some kid-sized bees. We'll do two a week practices all through January, throwing in tubing and ballroom dancing after as many practices as possible.

Also, next week, a small group of kiddos from our local CC group is going to get together for Memory Master review. Flower has been listening to the CD's, but beginning next week we'll get really serious about a schedule of review and add in weeks 21-24 as suggested over at Haf-a-Hundred Acre Woods (which has a great weekly cycle link-up for those interested).

Another Bridgeway Student Learning Lab session begins next week, too - Flower is going to take a Computer class and Cub is going to take Myths and Legends. Frankly, he is a myth and legend aficionado already, but it's his reward for sticking with Chem Lab. I'm hoping Flower learns enough to teach me a thing or two. Like all of the kids we've graduated so far, he'll have about double the English and history credits required to graduate, along with a plethora of theater and Shakespeare. Did I mention that I love that?!

Cub is also going to be taking some classes at Schoolhouse Teachers- we're focusing on credit worthy subjects, of which there are many. I am loving the new organization of the site, making each class easy to understand, at a glance.

I would like to fit in TeenPact this year for Cub and the 1-day Camp for Flower. If the moons align and they get there, you'll get a full report!

Classical Conversations starts mid-January and our weekly class day begins at the end of the month.
We're making some small changes- like dropping an outsourced class and adding in some music and math tutoring. We are done with our Cultural Studies class (which was amazing!) in our co-op and are going to do art (water color- which also promises to be amazing!)

Feeche continues college full-time and has a serious academic load this spring. FAFSA forms are getting filled out coming and going and by next year we hope to have a couple of kids in college ALL at once.

I'm working and learning yet another CRM, along with me doing reviews for the Schoolhouse Review Crew, Tutoring Foundations, teaching Grammar of Poetry and adding in some speaking for CC- what is classical ed and how CC can be part of making it happen in your house. I slipped and fell on water in a store and my damaged knee and tendons again, which is not in keeping with my busy schedule!

Dr. Dh is the hard working backbone of the program and continues to do re-build projects along with his day-job and Study Group. We now how towel racks and hooks in the bathrooms- woot! They are shiny and beautiful!

Air Hockey is going to be our sport of choice, I can see it now. We are competitive Germans at our house, which means it's an active, break a sweat kind of game. Total fun! @Golden Grasses 2008-2013. All photographs, artwork and text are the property of the owner unless otherwise stated. Don't miss a thing! Subscribe to Golden Grasses and get our articles right to your inbox!

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