Friday, April 18, 2014

Life at Full Speed

Our pile o'kittens are growing and getting more adorable by the minute. I love them more now that it's warm enough for them to be out of the house! 

School- we've been rocking.
(I've highlighted curriculum in purple, links are highlighted in red)
School this week: Math- Flower is cruising through Saxon 7/6. More Perplexors has challenged all of us. Cub is working with Dr. Dh on Learn Math Fast Applications of Algebra.
We are reading Notgrass American History outloud, Flower is going through all of the workbooks and we are doing some of the projects. It's mostly review with tons of great detail and pictures. Cub is also reading The Great Republic and The People of Ancient Israel.
Rosetta Stone German has re-entered the picture on a daily basis.
Spelling You See Continues to be a BIG win for us- Flower is almost done with Book 1 of the Wild Tales. LOVE this program!
Memory Press Geography II- we just finished Asia. Great stuff and a good partner with Drawing the World with Art which Flower is doing in co-op.
Cub finished Apologia's Biology last week. My plan is to have him take lab science with Bridgeway Academy this coming year through their Learning Labs- they are offering Biology, Chemistry and Astronomy over 10 weeks time periods- woot!  I love science but swore off labs forever the year I was pregnant and dissected cows eyes. I might never get over that.
Started First Form Latin with Cub and Flower. Total review for Cub but wanted to get it down and feel the mastery. The DVD's make the difference. Flower loved it. Which surprised me because she snapped and snarled over LC. Whatev. My big goal is to at least get through FFI and see how far into First Form II we get before fall.
The kids listened to Wulf the Saxon (G.H. Henty) CD, told by Jim Weiss this week- a gift from the imitable Mr. Weiss, whom we met at the convention. I told him a post-fire story in which SOTW CD's, read by him, brought my younger kids great comfort in a time that was very disruptive. He blessed Flower with Wulf, and even signed the case. She was already a huge fan before last week-end but now she's in the fan for life club. Say what you will about Henty- formulaic, even racist, the man was a wordsmith, story teller and extraordinary story-teller.
Flower's reading Augustus Cesar's World by Genevieve Foster, Cub finished the first 3 of the Kingdom Series by Chuck Black
Feeche is finishing up the college classes he took this semester and is ready to roll back into his rocking landscaping job. Cub landed a p.t. position on the maintenance crew so they will be busy boys with biceps this summer.
Drama Camp is performing Joesph and the Techni-color Dream Coat. LOVE. And Shakespeare Camp this year is As You Like It. Double Love. My 14 year old is doubly happy.
  Thank-you, Caitilin and Ana and Julie and Nancy!


It's been non-stop around here. I think tomorrow will be the first day with only 1 think planned-instead of the day scheduled - in almost a month. Which would be good because I could use a mental break. If you have one and need some good reading, check out these great blog sites (I'm guest blogging or mentioned on them : ). Also, I hope you had a chance to read my series, The Working Woman's Guide to Homeschooling (WWG2HS). My plan is to get part 5 done today- a week late, but still!
Linky Love! 
Have you checked out the Homeschool Leadership Podcast? Tons of topics!!
The Ultimate Guide to Classical Curriculum by Aspired Living- Fantastic list!
Homeschool Moms Share Favorite Science Curriculum - a wonderful list of all things science
Sandbox to Socrates has a great series going on "Why Classical"

Working Woman's Guide to Homeschooling Blog Series

Recent Reviews
Tons more to come: The Grammar of Poetry with DVD, Roman Roads Media- the Greeks, Artistic Pursuits, Apologia, Maestro Classics and more. I can't wait to tell you about some of these!

Art Love
We totally miss having our brilliant artist friends, Jannell and Ana, teaching art at co-op, even as much as we totally love Amanda (which we do!).
Easter nests by Jannell. Total LOVE. Ohmygosh, and check out the adorable ant cups! Do you see why we miss her?!
Easter week-end. 
We are going to a Peasch Celebration tonight, a Messianic Service tomorrow and then church on Sunday. The kids still want Easter baskets and an egg hunt- because, you know, it's like a combo logic/maze/scavenger hunt. Flower wants to do it at night and use the Egglo Eggs.
Wishing each of you a joyous Easter!

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