Saturday, October 12, 2013

Fun Times

This is the In Real Life Homeschool Shopping list of my friend Jennifer (thanks, Jennifer, happy 10th Anniversary and all that! ; )
Can you spot the homeschool faux pas?
Photo: Can anyone see how distracted I was while writing out a grocery list?
Which inspired Feeche to come up with one of his own:

1 Galileo of Milk
1 Cortes of Orange Juice
5 lbs of Shakespeare
Fig Newton's
1 lb. of Francis Bacon.
Stop by Dunking Dante's and get some Devil's Food Cake
Stop by the laundromat to Washing Ton's laundry
Beef Franklin's
Cesar's Salad

Miss Flower has had her face stuck in Little Women all week. She kept stopping to demand who Laurie marries- she is just sure it's going to be Jo, but she is willing to consider Beth as well. And then she got the chapter when Beth died and she could barely go on. I tried to offer her the comfort of knowing that thousands of 10 year old girls for the 140 years have felt the same sadness, but she is still heartbroken over sweet Beth. Lit love has it's hard moments.
We watched The Space Between. A beautiful, but difficult analogy between the Oklahoma City bombings and 9-11. Lots of food for thought and history questions and politics and whys. The kids didn't like it but were intrigued and thoughtful. One of those movies.
I was sick this week. Fever, chills, barely out of bed crawling to the couch sick. The kids did math and some other things. Lots of Lego's, which everyone knows are educational and reading, including World Magazine and on-line stuff, which is also certifiably educational. We made it. Pshew. But by today I had been in my house too long and feeling better but not totally well and was ready to run screaming into the street dirt road. You know the feeling, right?
And now to catch up. Which is always fun.
Crafty genius idea of the month: duct taping a chair which Flower helped her good friend Miss. G with. Stop back to see the incredible results- the chair is so amazingly awesome.
....causing me to search "duct tape" on Pinterest. Fun times!
smART quotes FOR KIDS | canvas wall art with inspirational quotes
Tonight we did something simple and kind and made some one's day. It cost us nothing but the courage to walk up to a stranger. He trusted us enough to take what was offered and in turn suggested, on his own, that he'd turn down the volume of his creepy movie, played too loudly and too creepily, at the park.
I bought a serious planner today, to replace my not-so-serious calendar-ish planner. I keep losing things, as in things I need to get done- too many details stored on too many on-line files and not in front of me where I can track them. You know it's time to ramp it up when the teenagers comment on how scattered things are. Hoping for great organizational success. If it works, I'll let you know.
Cause I can't count.
Wash. Rinse. Repeat. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.
Now isn't this fun?

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RAnn said...

Which planner did you buy? How has it worked so far?

Tonia said...

Love the grocery list - sounds like a very fun kid to have around! I agree with your daughter I was devastated at Beth's death in Little Women.