Friday, August 30, 2013

Before and After

The basement took the leading role this week. We moved furniture, swept, mopped, primed, painted and 2nd coated 600 square feet. This all entailed moving stuff around. And around. And around.
We also finished taping and mudding one of the laundry room walls. Paint, coming right up.

We also worked on getting the attic room finished. Half of it is primed. It's looking like a room.
We have new kick board to put up there- 12" in keeping with the rest of the house. The kids are back to negotiating for who gets that room again cuase it is one sweet walk up attic room.

AND, the boys sanded the classic stickney style stair-rail. Think itty-bitty spaces between square 2" rails. My plan for the stairs is 2-tone using gel-stain. So thankful for detail oriented workers with young fingers that don't mind repetitive, stressful movement.

AND we primed and painted the re-claimed 12" kick board from the 2nd floor to put in the basement. Dr. Dh and boys are working on getting the kick board installed today. Woohoohoohoo!

There is so much going on with some other massive projects that my head is spinning.

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School? Cub and Flower are still on their comic book illustrator kick. So far they have gone through Charles Schultz, Bill Watterson and are now on Bill Peet. This includes reading every book they can get their hands on about them, including bio's, autobio's, comic books, DVD's and miscellany, usch as above. They are having a blast and busy comparing styles between them.

What's the thing you love about the beginning of your (home) school year? Right now it's deciding WHEN we are going to start; which isn't for another week, 'round here. What about you?

Help a boy GO HOME
Have you done your good deed for the week? If not, I'm here to help. Our friends are working, praying and HOPING to adopt their 4th child from an orphanage in Thailand. This boy is the best friend of their 3rd son - they were best friends in the orphanage before Gabriel came home. The agency contacted our friends- after a "sure-fire" adoption fell through for him- to ask if they would consider giving this boy a HOME. The only thing between HOME and a life on the streets in a couple of years for this child is $20,000. Would you please consider generously donating to make Dominic's hope of home become a reality?  With one click you can help change Dominic's life from that of before- abandoned orphan - to a beauitful after- beloved son and brother.

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Diane said...

Sounds like you guys have been very busy. We started school a few weeks ago, but "Life" keeps getting in the way and have had many starts and stops along the way. Have a great weekend.

Miranda Hupp said...

I love all the planning of a new school year! Oh and the new school supplies! :)

Lexi said...

You sound very busy there! I don't envy you at all. I do not like home improvement projects.....we just moved so I'm feeling really done with all the house things.
Hope you have a great start to school! We started a few weeks ago so we can take a nice long break in December (for the entire month!!). I have to say I've missed our routine and it's been nice to have a schedule again!

Mary said...

The floor looks great!

The Snoopy shirt is bringing me back to my childhood......

Marcy Crabtree said...

our entire house is a constant home improvement project. just wishing we could some of these projects finished!

k balman said...

Looks great!

Ellen said...

You all have worked so hard on this project!! Great job!! That AND starting school....hats off to you!

Adamant Academy said...

What a week!!! You need to come on over and teach me some stuff so I can do some home repairs