Wednesday, May 1, 2013

So Far in 250

I'm gonna jump in to the Blog Every Day in May crazy tomfoolery.
Day 1- My life story in 250 words or less- hahah. Here goes.

I was born in Chicago, am the middle of 2 sisters, the daughter of a pastor turned psychologist and a teacher/therapist. I spent my childhood in Ohio, where we moved with irritating regularity; I went to 8 schools before I graduated high school. The only reason I graduated knowing anything was because I learned to read young and read everything.

I became a follower of Christ just before my 20th birthday as a dare and out of desperation. I have been a follower of Christ every since. I am not a poster child follower of the Master of the Universe. I swear. I get angry. I am not humble. The only things I really have going for me are that I love Jesus, am awed by the Father, listen to the Spirit and am as faithful as a bulldog; I hold on and don’t let go.

My husband and I decided to get married within weeks of our first date. He’s the one for me. I’m his woman. It’s just that simple.

I had vowed never to marry a psychologist but have been married to one for just shy of 28 years. I vowed never to have kids. We have 5. I vowed never to live in L.A. We did so for 6 years. I have reverse magnetism in regards to vows and electronic equipment (neither work for me).

I am old enough to wake up and take aspirin right off and old enough to think that my dh is hot, even with all of his faults, which I know intimately. Age is a good thing, but wholly wasted on the young. And I hope to get older still, so the stories not finished yet...


Miranda said...

Love this!

Isn't funny how...when you know, you know?! It was the same way for me and my husband.

LaughingLioness said...

Exactly! ; ) Loved your story, Miranda! I was having a hard time commenting this a.m.

Dianna Auton said...

Love your story. Thanks for sharing it. :)