Friday, November 2, 2012

Business as Usual

The hard drive in our computer crashed this week. It went in for open heart surgery on Monday and is still in Intensive Care. Woe to me. But that would also explain why I couldn't fix my header as well as a bunch of other snafoos along with why I've been posting so infrequently. Looking forward to a new, better, shinier computer in just a few days.

Horatius is cooking along. If you wanna know why you should care, read here. We've made it (read memorized) to verse 15 and the kids have the actual verses down solid. The transitions are a bit rough, still, but it's coming together. The study guide and vocab in the side-bars is invaluable and the kids have had a blast with the maps.

Cub knocked out The Trojan War while I wasn't looking, not even giving me enough time to dig out the MP study guide for it. He loved it. Feeche has The Iliad on CD, read by Jacobi, and he is going to invite Cub to listen in on it with him. Feeche's already thoroughly familiar with it, but it gives him a change to draw guilt free.
Everything else is cooking along; math, science, writing, lit, history, physics.

The first qualifier for the Poetry Outloud competition is coming up. Feeche has his 3 poems in place and memorized and meets weekly with a coach, who just happens to be an award winning forensics and speech teacher. She is the picture of generosity itself and has graciously donated her time to coach several kids who are competing from area homeschooling groups. SD has had a winner at the finalists in D.C. every year but the first.
 If you are looking for a fantastic rhetoric level event for homeschool or your community, check it out!

Lego League is cruising along. We are getting our solution nailed down. Dr. Dh was an expert witness guest speaker for one of our meetings and scientist and brilliant friend Mary Daly has also agreed to come and work with the kids. Excited about where we're going but feeling the time crunch.

Getting in more regular work-outs at our local gym. The elliptical is my machine of choice and, of course, who doesn't love weight lifting? My knees thank me. Really. In between the grumbling and complaining.


While the east was getting bombarded we were finally experiencing a bit of decent fall. A couple of gorgeous days found us at the park and in short sleeves.

Finished The Sins of the Fathers. Got to Sebastian and almost put it down but figured after 400+ pages I was going to finish it. Not a terrifically satisfying read as it ends tragically with the last 2 voices tottering on the edge of mental illness.


My name is Tiffany said...

Sorry about your computer. I went through something similar earlier this year. When technology goes hay wire it can be such a pain.

Mary said...

Bummer about your computer! I have a love/hate relationship with technology. I love it, but I hate it when it doesn't work!