Friday, October 7, 2011

Fall Lovliness

Lots of park time this week, taking advantage of the gorgeous fall weather.
 In our homeschool....We got a lot of school work done this week. Feeche is cruising through First Form. Cub is puttering close behind and Flower is happily engage with Ms. Lowe twice a week watching Latina Christian I DVD's. The workbook is challenging to her but she loves throwing around Latin words. Each night she calls, "Good-night, Mater!" "Good-night, Pater." We are still very happy with LoF. Singapore Story Problems still cook our grits. I actually came across one in "5" that I knew how to do all on my own! Woop! History, Science, Lit, and Read Alouds.
We are working on hosting a Poetry Outloud competition for high schoolers in the area.

Good News!...My Sister made it through back surgery just fine. The docs removed a grapefruit sized cyst from her spinal column. Now for recovery!

Words...Loving L'Engles Crosswicks Journal #1, Circle of Quiet. The life that she wove was so rich with art, friends, science, faith, community. Her words are nourishing. We're reading "Wrinkle" next, I was appalled to realize that Cub had never read it.

Books....Finished "Little House on Plum Creek" with Flower. This family goes from trauma to trauma. Honestly, I'm thinking they were walking around with PTSD. They get out of life and death situations over and over by the skin of their teeth. This is my 4th time reading the series out-loud. I know it's fiction. But seriously, I have the greatest respect and admiration for this family while holding in my head, at the same time, the thought that they were a bit whacked. We're taking a break from this series to read a Wrinkle in Time, et al. I need some mystical to balance the stark reality of pioneer living.

Mud works....My leg is getting better after days and days, hours and hours of keeping it elevated and sucking down Ibuprofen. The plan is to tackle the bedroom going to the attic (walk-up) this week-end and get the mudding finished. I'm going to stay earth bound and Viking Man is going to work on the ceiling (we have drywall abut plaster board. So we have to tape and made and smooth the seam.)

Dirt Indoors....Why were my kitchen counters laden with dirt? We dug the last of the potatoes, and the carrots. I don't really like potatoes. They are so bland and starchy. But homegrown are better. They actually have flavor. And carrots from the ground? Taste like a vegetable; clean, slightly sweet, full of fresh air and health.

If you are looking for something wonderful to do with your family this fall, check out my article on Celebrate Sukkot: (and why you should) for some great ideas about incorporating this joyous festival!

Yesterday was a wind-storm. The tramp sashayed across and around the yard. The wind was followed by a thunderstorm and I was awakened by rocking-n-rolling a couple of times. It's defiantly fall, heralding the coming of winter.


Mary said...

I am glad your leg is doing better. Love the Teepee!!

Sonshine Classical Academy said...

I love the term "cook our grits." I haven't heart that one, lol. :)

Merry Christmas said...

Great teepee! Great pictures!

Karen aka Testimony

MissMOE said...

Glad you are starting to feel better and your sister's surgery went well. Fall is here in our neck of the woods as well.

Karen said...

Ug, wind storms. I'm glad to hear your leg is improving.

Your week looks terrific.

Have you tried your potatoes with sausage and kale? I started with this recipe this summer and doubled or tripled it, added sliced potatoes, and cooked for at least 20 minutes. It is my favorite one-dish meal. It works with any kind of green and any kind of sausage. I just use what I find at the farmer's market (or in my garden).