Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Education in Asia

Tough Love: An Education is another look at education in Asia. It's tough, it gets results, and frankly, it's totally lopsided. Crafting geniuses who have few emotional or social skills and zero spiritual skills is concerning at best. Crafting geniuses who parents sole purpose is to get them into a better school, to get a better job, to make more money is crafting a house that is built on self, not wisdom.
Money, money, money can only buy the temporal.

Not that I don't think the American Educational System can't use a good overhaul. There's much we can learn from Asian schools regarding discipline and excellence. Mediocrity and average is highly overrated. Our obese sense of self esteem in the light of poor academic achievement is an embarrassment.

Back to study as worship. We were given talents, skills, abilities to serve the One True Living God, not ourselves or our pocketbook. Study as worship acknowledges our limitations, acknowledges our abilities and keeps us from thinking more of ourselves than we ought.


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