Friday, January 7, 2011

Week 1

Best of 2010.
Best Book:  Having a hard time deciding between them all. What was yours?
Best Movie: Mostly Martha or Loving Leah. Can't decide. I like Voyage of the Dawn Treader, too, but why, oh why do they have to add in creepy, stoopid stuff, just because?
Best T.V. show: (Disclaimer- we don't watch T.V.- we haven't for years and years, but we do watch videos and Miss.R has brought back a T.V. series pr 2 on DVD's from college. Stargate Atlantis has been our brainmush activity since summer. She also brought back NCIS-and while I love the regular cast and their relationships, some of the plot lines were just too creepy for me- I've been around mental health professionals my entire life, so my objectivity is skewed, perhaps.) All of that being said, Duet, Stargate Atlantis. Rodney is co-inhabited by a women. Excellent comedic timing on the part of Canadian actor David Hewlett. Sure, Flanigan is cuter, but Hewlett's acting is par excellence!
Best Family Activity: Rock Wall Climbing. Much more fun than dry-wall sanding!
Best Food: Scampi, part of our yearly Christmas Seafood Feast. It was perfect this year though KB says it can't ever compare to fresh shrimp caught by her friends Stephen and Mr. Morrison freshly caught off the coast of GA and served up fresh!
Best music Moya Brennan and Todd Agnew.
Best Homeschool Curriculum: Story of the World CD's, 3rd year in a row. Peace Hill Press rocks.
Best "Ah ha" Moment: Adding 3 feet to the footprint of our home and creating a powder room off the kitchen. It's powder blue and very pretty.
Best Success: Moving back to our home in August after being gutted to the core.
Best Vacation: 6 days gone to the Black Hills, including Ingalls' DeSmet Homestead and  the Badlands.

This is my dd being bored, potentially destroys means of communication." and "textinb like a red-neck" using terms like "innards."

Cub turned 11 and received the Lord of the Rings trilogy. KB has been having long-winter reading fests with Cub and Flower that last for hours. They are mostly done with The Fellowship of the Ring.

The above mentioned reading rendezvous has wrecked havoc with school work, though we did fit in history and writing. Cub will be starting Life of Fred on Monday. Flower asked for a math book for Christmas and I got her "One Minute Math." It took her 76 seconds to do her first page and she cried. She wasn't interested in trying again. She vehemently did.not. see the value of speed computation.

New ad for Tim Ferris' latest book. Seriously?

Apples are my new best friend. Apples are also Cubs main food group. He'll eat 4-5 a day if I let him. When we run out he wanders around, lost and scrawny.

Good Reads:
Miss R has been reading Byzantium before she goes back to KY and LOVING it.
I finished Radical by Platt. Review to follow tomorrow.
Feches been listening to his daily does and got through House of 7 Gables last week and Huck Finn this. We all had a chance to listen to 2 chapters of Huck Finn and found ourselves lol in the car. The man is brilliant and ohsofunny.
 KB's been reading Mere Christianity.
Cub's been reading Horned Helmet.
Viking Man picks up whatevers around, Paleo Judaica and The Jerusalem Post daily, along with Science News weekly and
Flower reads the directions to her homework and has been quite content with Charlie Brown specials from the library.

Quick Takes hosted by Jen, who is detouring through the hospital this week. I'm sure she'd appreciate prayers for healing.


Kash said...

That ad is hysterical, but not really in a good way!

Happy Birthday to your Cub!

Carrie said...

Can't wait to see what you have to say about Radical ... I read it a few weeks ago. Have a great weekend! :)

Robyn said...

Happy Birthday, Cub! I love your rundown of the year! What a good idea! Lots of great book ideas.

WildIris said...

I love the best of 2010 review format. Congratulations on reading so many books. I did not get to writing a weekly report,so don't bother checking, but my favorite Christmas gift was getting a subscription to The New Yorker. I'd read it for 25 years straight before I let the subscription laps for lack of funds.

I liked one of your posts on the WTM boards about active reading and reflective writing.

Best wishes on the New Year!

LaughingLioness said...

WI- a subscription to the New Yorker- that sounds like a blast!
thanks for TWTM feed-back. I think I killed the thread ; )

Thank-you everyone for birthday wishes for Cub. He LOVED reading them- made his day!!