Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Blessing of Family

It was a beautiful day in TN. A lovely memorial service for Dad at a beautiful church though I barely made it through the reading. Then the day with family and old friends, laughter and tears, memories, songs, nieces and nephews - all of whom are talented and beautiful and wonderful; Corinne and Jennifer and their family- all of whom have the gift of southern hospitality;  and my Sister Kris (who really goes by Kristie so no one ever knows who I'm talking about when I say Kris, 'cept her)- who has the gift of making me laugh so hard my stomach hurts as well as making me cry like a baby, and the added bonus of really, really great brother in laws. And, of course, my beautiful children.
My hubby stayed home so we'd have as much time with family as we needed. Thank-you, Babe!

It was a good day- so much laughter and memories. Dad would have loved it. Rich with love all around.

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Deanna said...

I am glad you found such comfort with your family and were able to enjoy the sweetness of dear memories.
Continuing in prayer.