Thursday, February 11, 2010

How Do You Feel?

"How do you feel?" is an oft quoted line around here, said as computeresque as we an make it (from The Search for Spock) and this week it was met with moans and groans. Everyone in the house suffered from a strange virus with symptoms that included but were not limited to fever, intestinal issues, headaches, tooth aches, and croupy coughy crud, despite downing quart-loads of EmerganC and Barley Green. I like to think that we all would have felt much worse if not for our efforts at health.
The upside of sleeping away the majority of the week is that I've, once again, succeeded in wresting myself away from the clutches of caffeine addiction. Of course, today, someone handed me a free 1/2 pound sample of freshly roasted gourmet coffee. Sigh. But, today, I did not sucumb to so much as one cup of the stuff. One day at a time, baby.
We have started meeting with the contractor once a week to talk over plans and modifications to the house. One of the ideas was to open up the wall between the kitchen and dining room- the entire first floor is open with the exception of the kitchen, which is a doored-off 1/4 of the first floor. So, while most of the living is taking place in the rest of the house, whoever is on kitchen duty is sequestered away in this corner. I saw a beautiful picture of a craftsman style bookshelf built- in, cupboard height and that is my new evil plan for the kitchen.
I've been teaching IEW's Ancient History based theme book. It's fun. Hopefully my students think so. I love IEW. I'm also teaching Apologia's Biology. This is truly not my bailiwick, however, I might just actually read the book this year. Pretty radical, eh?
School was at a minimum this week: Math for everybody, lots of books and read-alouds, too much time on the X-box, playing on the computer and watching videos. Everybody spent hours a day sleeping so it was almost pointless to begin. We did keep the laundry caught up so I'm counting this week a win.
Mrs. Z, our vunderbah art teacher is doing a "Days of Creation" series with the littles and today they used black foam board, gel pens, stencils and stickers to create the night sky. They were so beautiful! Flower got into it and made constellations all over her night sky (she lives with her dad, the science nerd) such as "The Ferris Wheel" and "Candyland Lane"!
KB is hosting a Girls Get2Gether tomorrow for Valentine's Day. Black tea, lemonade, party games and finger sandwiches. She read "The Dream Manager" last week and came up with some creative and fun games based on the book. The boys don't mind the girlyness of it all, cause it usually involves some kind of delicious food for them, along with several members of the fairer sex in the vicinity. If you are 15 and appreciate members of the fairer sex, it's not a bad position to find oneself in.

For more quick takes, head on over to Conversion Diaries. But before you go I have just one question for you, "How do you feel?"


Faith said...

Hope everyone is on the mend!

Love your ideas for your house. I love craftsman style!

Our Westmoreland School said...

Well, if you kept up with laundrey you're ahead of me! It sounds like you did a ton, even with the crud. Way to go!

I hope you all feel better.

Kash said...

It sounds like you all had as good as week as possible with being sick! Hope you're all doing better.

Heather said...

Sounds like a great week even being sick. I hope everyone is on the upswing.

sunnykim said...

This has nothing to do with the school part, but how do you get people to hand you free gourmet coffee? I applaud your efforts for getting off the caffeine, though :)

Keri said...

I'd say keeping up with laundry in a sick week is most definitely a win!

Daisy said...

Ooh, someone using IEW History based writing. Maybe you can tell me more about it. I have been looking at the Medieval one but heard from a few that it was boring.

I hope everyone is feeling better!

Karen said...

Hope everyone is much better. But no coffee? Really. I'm going to make my last pot for the night and toast you. You're going to read the science book, no way.

Redradtech said...

Do you have any idea how long before you will have your house back? I can hardly wait for the end result. It will be marvelous. So sorry about the bug going around. Phil has been coughing for 2weeks. Hope he is better on Monday.

Laughing Lioness said...

House re-build will be a couple of months- we should be back in by spring. It is going to be amazing! I talked with the builders yesterday- they rock!

MissMOE said...

Sick and grouchy! Thanks for asking! I know the fire was horrible, and yet how neat that you get to recreate your home. Hope you're feeling better soon!