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Homeschooling, the State of the Union & More... CBD interview with Richard Maybury

Richard Maybury, also known as "Uncle Eric" was recently interviewed by Christian Book Distributors. You might not agree with his economics or isolationist stance on government but he is always thought provoking and worthy of discussion. He has lots more to say than what I've cut and pasted here, including thoughts on the U.S./ Middle Eastern conflict. You can read the entire interview here:

Hope you find the following as interesting as I did:
CBD: Many of your predictions about the current conflict have come true. Do you have any new or updated predictions on what will happen in the next ten years?

The next ten years. Tough question. I’ll give it a try, but please keep in mind that this is all guesswork.
That said, one of the very few things about which I am absolutely certain is, when people play God, they always do it badly.Most of the population was raised in government-controlled schools, and they see the government as God-like, the solution to all their problems.Over the next ten years I think the war and its cost will expand, and the economy will worsen. Lots more inflation, business failures, unemployment and poverty.The U.S. government’s size, power and taxes will grow, as the population demands that their political God do something, anything, to save them. But it’s a false God, so it will not only fail, it will continue making things worse. As Ronald Reagan said, government isn’t the solution, it’s the problem.I think there is a 90% probability the great crisis will be upon us within ten years. One reason is that the whole generation of baby boomers was lied to about economics. And now, the World War II generation is retired, and everything is being run by the boomers. You don’t need to know any more than that to see why the economy is a mess, and why there are very few people in the government who have the foggiest idea how to fix it. They were all taught either Keynesianism or socialism, and for most, real economics will have little chance of penetrating their educations.In ten years, I think America will be an unrecognizable mess. In twenty, it will be either a Camelot that has returned to the Constitution, or it will be totally fascist.The outcome depends on what we do now. That’s why I wrote the Uncle Eric books, and it’s why I believe talking with the clergy is the indispensable key to the whole contest. It’s either God’s law or the government’s law; it can’t be both, because they currently contradict each other. We must return to a legal and political system based on the two laws.

CBD: Do you have any new advice for the up-and-coming generation of homeschoolers?

RICHARD MAYBURY: Yes. If you are not homeschooling your children, do it now, don’t delay, because there is no telling how long it will remain legal. When governments get themselves into the kind of geopolitical and economic trouble Washington has stirred up for itself, the politicians and bureaucrats don’t want people thinking for themselves. They want “unity,” meaning, we all think the same way — the way they tell us to.Homeschooling is diametrically opposed to groupthink, so I believe it will come under increasing pressure in many states. Do it now, while you still can.Incidentally, on the subject of homeschooling, I’m the voice of experience. Whenever possible, I hire people who were homeschooled, and I can tell you for a fact that most are self-starters who are smarter, harder working, more clever, mature and honest, and have vastly better social skills. With rare exceptions, the leaders of tomorrow will not be the conventionally public schooled, they will be the homeschooled.After all, it stands to reason. A child who is raised by someone who knows and loves her or him, is likely to be better off than one who is raised by strangers.
There’s also this. A deep, dark secret that no conventional public school wants us to understand is that the children aren’t really raised by the teachers, they are raised by the peer group.
A conventional public school is a peer pressure cooker. The teacher is spread far too thin to have much influence, but the peer group has the time and the manpower to spend hours per day, intensely focused on the individual child, to convert the child to whatever beliefs and behaviors are fashionable. It’s emotional mob rule, all day, every day. And, the peer group knows the child much better than the teacher ever will. It knows every chink in the child’s emotional armor.
Lots of couples say they’ll take too big a cut in their income if one of them stays home to educate the children. I’ve seen more than one of these cases in which they ended up spending all that extra money on psychiatrists and lawyers.
To each parent, I say, no one loves your child as much as you do. Homeschool as much as you can while it’s still legal, because the child who is well-raised by the people who love him or her has a much better chance at happiness and success.For God’s sake — and I mean that expression literally — a child is supposed to be raised by people who love the child! What could be more obvious?

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Redradtech said...

Very enlightening thoughts. I do not know where are Government will be, but unless there is radical change, I feel it will be bad soon. I just do the best I can and pray for God to be with my family