Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Decade in Review

10 years ago today I was great with child. Seriously. The child who defied his due date and came on January 3, 2000, weighed in at 10 pounds, 2 ounces and was 24 inches long at birth. The birth (sunny side up) was agonizing but he was the happiest and mellowest little fella on planet earth till he turned 3 and concluded that it rocked to thunder and he hasn't been quiet since! The decade past has been Mr. Toad's Wild Ride...kinda like the decade before that...maybe this one will be calmer? Doubt that. I'm married to Adventure Man, a.k.a. Adrenaline Junkie and his little brood of Adrenaline Junkie off-spring. Not sure how I got mixed up with this crowd but I'm in too deep to back out now. While I have a bunch of hopes and dreams for the next decade I thought it'd be interesting to review what I've done the know, a person who doesn't know history is damned to repeat it and all of here goes...
  • I have lived in 4 different homes
  • Moved from the Southwest to the North Midwest
  • Birthed 2 more children in addition to the 3 we had
  • Nursed for 26 additional months
  • Painted an entire house from ceiling to floorboards including but not limited to inside cupboards, doors, trim, and kitchen cabinets. Meanwhile, Viking Man built a 154' backyard fence and did a kitchen make-over, adding cabinets and counter-top. We made a tidy little profit on that house, which we owned for just 18 months.
  • Bought and sold our first house.
  • Bought a house and an acreage in one of the least populated states in the Nation, after having lived in one of the most
  • Bought and sold and buried sheep, goats, cats, fowl, and a horse
  • Landscaped, Gardened, Canned, Homesteaded
  • Cooked (so much it seems that it deserves it's own line on the page)
  • Wrote articles on homeschooling and parenting
  • Spoke to women and families about women and families, marriage, parenting and education.
  • Completed a second master's degree, this time in Marriage & Family Therapy
  • Homeschooled 10 more years (in addition to the 9 I'd already done)
  • Graduated 2 homeschool students - collectively that's 24 years of homeschooling I've done!
  • Saw my dad remarry (after my mom's death) to a lovely lady- another psychologist in the fam! Congratulations Dad and Corrine!
  • Survived my oldest dd's international travel
  • Started 3 successful homeschool programs in our local area
  • Brought TeenPact to our state
  • Survived my dh's job being pulled out from under him and 2 years of re-grouping/ severe underemployment
  • Left a church (for reasons other than a move)
  • Stood by my KB's hospital bed as she awaited neurosurgery from a severe car accident. Despite having her brain exposed and a 1x3" piece of skull removed, she is fine.
  • Said "Good-bye" to 2 friends who bravely fought cancer
  • Rejoiced with 2 friends who are bravely fighting cancer
  • Stood in amazement as God provided a full ride, 4-year scholarship for our oldest dd to a college that is a perfect fit in so many ways.
  • Celebrated with family at my in-laws 50th Wedding Anniversary! Congratulations Bob and Donna!
  • Attended my 48 yo sister's funeral. It hurts to say "farewell" to those we love
  • Watched my house burn. It hurts to say "farewell" to what we love
  • Watched my oldest daughter fall in love with a man
  • Fallen all the more in love with my dh who is a rare combination of Visionary & Do-er. He is brilliant, witty, athletic, passionate, committed and creative. We'll celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary this June, God willing. How does time stand still and move faster than the speed of sound at the same time?
  • Been amazed at God's continued LOVE, Grace & provision for me and for the World.

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