Friday, August 28, 2009

WR: :Last week of Summer Vacation

In the Garden
We harvested more potatoes, tomatoes, basil, parsley, a few green beans, zucchini, grapes, Swiss chard, rhubarb, green peppers, onions, jalapenos. The tomatoes were hit with blight due to the rain, but we are still harvesting daily. The free ones from the hardware store we threw in the ground last month are beautiful and I'm hoping they mature before frost.
The flowers are lush and beautiful- cosmos (above), marigolds, zinneas, daiseys, phlox, flax, etc. etc.
In the Kitchen
We made/canned Tail-whoppin' Salsa, Grape Juice, Peaches. Froze tomatoes. Throw them in a freezer bag. Mid-winter, take them out, rinse (the skins fall right off), throw in the pot for summer fresh taste. Froze peaches. Froze mulberries.

In the Library
Read lots of curriculum. Am loving the Intro to Classical Studies by MP and have made a 32 week memory program based on that, Christian Studies, and more.
At the Academy
Had our last parent info night for the Daniel Academy. Yet more new people showed up. We have 12 eled students and 2 full time high school with 5 part time high school. We have teachers nailed down, worship leaders committing, parents excited, kids ready. Still working on some curriculum picks and memory work. We need to make nature journals, prayer journals and memory books but it's all coming together. We have an awesome group of families committed to the vision of raising up modern day Daniels. One of the history sentences from this year will be: "Dare to be a Daniel. Dare to stand apart." I love it.
In the Home
The usual, cleaning, cooking, vacuuming. Viking Man caught an ugly flu-cold thang and missed work for 1/2 the week. I came down with it right after he got up so we spent a lot of the week nursing hot mugs of Therma-flu. Living on the wild side...
At the Park
Meet up with Anne and Anne and Cyndi and Lori and most of their lovely kiddos. Talked about school and hubby's and canning and kids. I love these women. They are all beautiful and Godly and full of Grace.
On the Calendar
Turned older last Saturday and celebrate Queen KB's 19th tomorrow. She is mature and wise and kind and funny beyond belief and loves kids and flowers and animals and cooking and creating and abhors math. Digs science and is a photography buff. She is our blond haired beauty. One of the best things that ever happened to me. God miraculously spared her life 5 years ago, when her skull was sheared and her brain exposed. I am awed by His Grace and am so thankful that we are celebrating yet another year of her LIFE. The picture is of her and her friend "Bobby," which she created and FB'd about while canning grape juice. It is heavenly to have kids that cook and can and clean!!
What's Ahead
Tuesday is our first day of TDA. I actually, for the first time in 22 years of parenting, went to Stuff Mart and shopped for school supplies. Surreal and not cheap. It was an odd cart-full of glue sticks and cilantro and birthday accouterments; we are still canning after all and the herbs didn't do as well as normal. Summer's not officially over here till Viking Man celebrates his bday in a week. Hope you had a GREAT week!! To what's ahead....
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