Monday, August 3, 2009

Summer Stuff.

We've been spending at least some time every day in the garden. This morning we harvested basil
6 zucchini and yellow squash
3 cukes
3 salad spinners of green beans
2 large cabbage heads
2 large handfuls of grape tomatoes
several potatoes
several beets the pooch dug up...
The problem with zukes: they are prolific!
This week I am experimenting with making zucchini chips. Last week I gave tons away and juiced the rest. Honestly, I just couldn't choke it down, though Viking Man downed 3 large cups full. He LOVES juice and the fact that he was out in the heat felling more dead ash could have contributed to his thirst. 2 more large ash down and the winter fuel pile continues to grow.
The roosters that we have thanks to Cyndi and co. are doing a great job of de-grubbing, though they seem to be harvesting the potatoes in their zeal for dinner.
We went hiking yesterday at a state park and had a blast. The notsolittles ran the whole time, but even Flower admitted today that her legs were a little sore. She has been bugging everyone about going fishing soon and has determined that she'll catch a "big one" even though she's decided Daddy will put the worms on the hook, take the fish off, clean it and I'll cook. I asked her if she was seriously just going to hold the pole and she very seriously answered me back. "Yes." That would be my child.
More kittens- 4 were birthed but 1 was DOA. The other 3 are adorable and all but 1 of the surviving 6 summer kittens have 2 pairs of socks- 2 cute!
Plans for our summer trip are getting finalized and include visiting people in 3 different states, including all the parents, siblings and others, attending the in-laws 50th and trying to keep everyone looking 1/2 way decent the whole time.

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