Thursday, February 19, 2009

WR: Lots Accomplished

This week we did school.
Flower only has 10 more lessons in AlphaPhonics. She is 1/2 way through ETC 4. It sounds so small but she'll be a bona-fide reader so soon and it's exciting to hear her daily progress. She has discovered Miss. R's old American Girl books and I've been reading the Molly series to her. I love this age. She wants a mini-AG doll in the worst way (actually she wants the real thing - both Miss R and KB have 2) but I think she thinks her chances of getting a mini are higher.

Cub is almost done with Horizons 2. He is doing MP's Copybook III and doing great. I told him as soon as he was done with it we'd start IEW's Fables book and he is in hot pursuit! His pictures that he draws to correspond to the copy work are a hoot. This is one book I will keep to the end of my days!!

Memory Work is always there and we did a lot this week: Bible, Grammar, Latin sayings. The Grammar Catechism is so beautiful in it's comprehensive simplicity. I'm a recovering grammar phobic thanks to Living Memory. Feche Boy has been keeping it by his side as he does Latin lessons.

We read quite a bit of Christian Studies II this week. We'll have 8 weeks to finish it and CS III before the end of April.

We are moving along in Latin- it is getting done! woohoo!

Feche-Boy spent the week working his tail off on TeenPact Alumni homework. There is actual research and writing involved and it took some thought and time.

KB is working hard on IEW's Classical Rhetoric Through Structure and Style. She is on lesson 20 and it is really demanding that she think and write well. I LOVE this book. I hope to write a review on it soon, so stay tuned = ). Viking Man continues to tutor in Saxon and both older kids are moving along. I'm busy making up KB's transcript for the next thing. It always amazes me what we have done. Seems so often that we haven't done enough.

Traditional Logic II arrived, sans the TM. We're going to start it anyway. I want I & II to count under KB's writing classes on her transcript.

We started Shakespeare in co-op last week and KB had a blast doing the 2nd reading of The Tempest for everyone at home, complete with voices. It's going to be a fun program.

My trusty, dear TeenPact team, Barb, Jo and Monica, whom I am so thankful for I could just bawl, and I have the details nailed down and are ready for a rock-out week in Pierre next week. God is on the move and we'll be joining Him. Wish you could too, and I hope that a lot of you are = )!


Kristine said...

Isn't Living Memory wonderful?! Sounds like you guys had quite a productive week! :-)

Stephanie said...

Lisa, you are such a hard worker. Your family is so blessed to have you. Michael told me that I was a very hard worker and we wouldn't have anything if it wasn't for me. Made me feel better about what I provide for my family at this stage in life.

Karen said...

Wow - you had a very productive week. I love that emergent reader stage. Enjoy and keep up the hard work.

Chucki the Parrothead said...

You guys really were productive. I love weeks like that.

Robin of My Two Blessings said...

Sounds like a great week. Have enjoyed reading all your posts for the past few days. Interesting.

Anonymous said...

This looks like a great week! I like reading weekly reports with older kids--I get excited about what is to come!

I just got Living Memory. I need to crack it open now.