Friday, October 3, 2008

Weekly Report

My friend Lori is very organized and diligent and gets an amazing amount of school work done each day. She has inspired me to make better use of our daily time- friends that help us to sharpen and focus are a blessing! So, with her for inspiration, I made a daily plan that has enough flex built in even for me!

8-8:45 - eat, listen to an educational CD -grammar songs, Foundations, Lingua Angelica, IEW's Poetry, etc.
8:45 - Morning jobs, older kids do math, Cub reads science. I do AlphaPhonics & ETC with Flower.
9:30 -Memory Work, including Latin & English Bible, History sentence, english grammar, geography, math, science, books of the Bible & details, Poetry, VP timeline cards -all together.
11:30- Bible, including reading, timeline and memory or geography notebooks.
12:30- lunch & break.
1:30 - math
2:00 Latin Dvd for Cub and Flower
2:30-3:30 - Latin memory, read alouds.
Feche-boy and KB continue to do Logic, Math, IEW, Poetry etc.

Beginning the mornings with the CD's has made a difference. Some of the songs are goofy, the Lingua Angelica is peaceful and beautiful and IEW's poetry is just plain fun, mainly due to Andrew Pudewa's excruciatingly correct diction and the teriffic poetry selection. It's been great for Cub to hear and imitate and we have seen further improvement in his articulation.

As I posted earlier we are really enjoying the Christian Studies from Memoria Press. It rocks.

Cub has been reading the "Exploring the World" series. Being an offspring of Viking Man and Grandpa Bob he is doomed/blessed to be a science geek and loves this time of reading and learning. He came in quite upset the other day, however, because the author expressed his belief that there would be no animals in heaven. Having sent quite a few cats, including Scout, from our first litter on our acreage, our handsome and loving tom (I'm sad thinking about it), on ahead and the experience of putting Brie (our wonderful old wizened horse) down this spring, and burying baby goats and older goats and being a big fan of Narnia and personally invested in seeing all of these dear pets again someday caused a mini-crisis for my tender hearted little Cub. Who knew (said tongue in cheek) that science and faith were so closely intertwined? This led to a couple of different discussions over the course of the week on the New Creation, what animals were created for and companionship in heaven. I'm banking on hanging with these dear old companions again. Sometimes I surprise myself. I am truly not an animal person.

Flower is beginning to sound out words she sees all around her all by herself. Teaching my kids to read has been one of the great joys in my life.

It was such a bumper crop this year that I am still dealing with apples! We've sauced and frozen a boatload so my new defense is oven drying them. Thin sliced, about 175 degrees, several hours. They are a great snack and worth the time!

College Woman gave her missions presentation. It's good. Go read it yourself at her blog Serving Him Blind (link in blogroll).

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Paige said...

I love dried apples! Try sprinkling them with a little cinnamon sugar before drying, it's great!

Thanks for sharing your week, it's always good to get organized.