Saturday, October 18, 2008

Meet the Fam: Fun with Grammar

KB took grammar to it's illogical conclusion last week and defined us all by grammatical definitions. We are either geeks or bored. Maybe we are bored geeks? Either way, we had way too much fun with it!

Viking Man is a noun. Just skip by the person, place or thing and get right to the activity or idea. The man has got to move and his mind is constantly making connections, brainstorming and coming up with new and improved ways of understanding. If I do say so myself, he is brilliant but sometimes he just talks way too fast.
Moi - an adjective. Like every good helpmeet my job is to describe, qualify or modify the noun! hahaha. Viking Man might differ with me but it's my blog so I'm not gonna ask him!
College Woman is an irregular verb. She is unique in her sense of style and what she's gonna do, trying new things, going new places and following her own path with verve.
KB is a conjunction. She is the queen of connections and metaphor. It's that gift of discernment coupled with the heart of an artist.
Feche -Boy is a preposition. He is all about position, moving constantly. He's the first kid up and the last to go to bed and moving the whole day through. The boy is the energizer bunny (but way cuter) and spends a great deal of time climbing up and hanging down from trees.
Cub is an interjection. His main vocalizations consist of kapows, kabluwies, whooshes, whoops and hollars. He frequently has a bionicle clutched in both hands as he swoops through the kitchen or is brandishing a wooden sword as he high-yas the great outdoors.
Miss Flower is a verb, verb, verb, she's an action word. Like Feche-Boy she is on the move! She loves to sweep and swing and run and hop and skip and hang upside down on the monkey bars and she has the callouses to prove it.

Maybe next week we'll define the fam by mathematical terms! Stay tuned.

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