Tuesday, September 9, 2008


A fun web-site to check out. Lots of downloads: http://www.homeschoolfreebieoftheday.com/

I am a visionary. It's true. I am always looking beyond at what's next. This has oftentimes interferred with what's in front of, but hey, every gift has a dark side. I'm also a planner and a goal setter, usually. I haven't really set goals for about a year. I think it's because I got rilly, rilly, burnt out finishing the M.F.T. degree, homeschooling, raising kids and staying married. Something had to give. Fortunately, the degree ended (i.e. I graduated). Someone asked recently what things I want to learn and do and it got me thinking....well, a lot.

1. I want to learn Latin. I really, really do. I want to get over feeling intimidated by it and dive in instead of standing on the edge just getting my toes wet.

2. I want to knit better. I'm a good intermediate knitter and I have knit sweaters but it's still too much like work. Gram can knit, cook and talk on the phone all the while holding a cat in her lap. I want to be that good. Hmm... maybe I just want to be like Gram. I love my Gram- she rocks big time!

3. I would love to work p.t. as a paid therapist (I have the degree, but not the license and it's hard to get a job or clients with that combo).

4. I want to write books. I want to be a published author.

5. I want to grow a higher percentage of our food.

6. I want to lose a ton of weight and be in good shape again (I trashed my hip and knee in February and it's still not right).

7. I want to live in Israel for 6 mths to a year.

Not quite a goal list, but close enough for now- I am still not that far removed from finishing that darn degree!

And on my fav homeschooling site the question was recently posed; "What motivates you to continue to homeschool?" This month starts the beginning of our 18th year of homeschooling. We've homeschooled 5 kids in 4 different states using so much curriculum it's not even funny. I have it pared down to the best and sold the rest so it's all good, right? Having spoken to groups for years about the importance of vision (who we are), mission (what we do) and goals (how we get it done) (with a nod to Dr. Dave -also known as Viking Man-for his brilliant distillation of the terms) -it all boils down to this for me; I continue to homeschool because of my older kids.

They are so cool. They are smart. They are funny. That are full of adventure. They are adrenalin junkies (and I'll be happy to blame their Dad for that gene pool addition!). They are autodidacts. They are thoughtful. They are compassionate. They are deep. They are Godly. They are creative. They are writers. They are thinkers. They are servants. They are leaders. They are loving. They are kind. They are beautiful.

Aren't they lovely? Both doing their fav things- R in Romania (crown of flowers created with gypsy friends) and KB hosting a tea party. Homeschooling has afforded them time "to be," given them the quiet to hear His still small voice, afforded them the choice to be who God created them to be. Homeschooling has been a huge gift to our family, to our kids, to me. A tool in our hands. And with it, God has helped us to craft some amazing young women.

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