Thursday, September 25, 2008

Permission to Play

I've been feeling pressured and overwhelmed this week. It's all good, it's just the never-ending little things. The never-ending-sink-full-of-dishes (no dishwasher + 5/6 people+ 3 meals a day = a zillion dishes to wash), the ironing that needs done; the cooking-everything-from-scratch in an effort to keep the grocery bill within a gestapo budget; gardening - and it's great to have bumper crops of everything but once harvested it all needs frozen, canned, blanched, chopped or sauced; homeschooling 4 kids in a zillion subjects which takes time, money and energy; mentoring the kids instead of just telling them where to go, what to think and do, which takes TIME to listen and hear and process and research and connect. Having a ton of thank-you notes to get out and stuff to coordinate for TP. And while my introverted self has been screaming for time alone my extroverted self has been screaming for a friend or two who are just a little bit geeky and read too much to talk about new ideas, what's ahead and of course, books.

Viking Man ordered us to take part of the morning off and to go outside to play. The weather was perfect - clear skies and in the 70's. We put the badmitton net back up between the grape vines (which actually yielded grapes this year) and played for about an hour. The littles hung out at the swing set and KB and Feche-man and I "played." I use the term, "played" quite loosely as we spent a fair amount of time trying to locate the birdie amongst the overgrown radishes and lettuce that has seeded.

It was good to be in the sun and moving and laughing together. It was good to get permission to play. :

I am grateful for
26- kids to play with.
27-the beautiful fall weather we have been having.
28- time KB and I spent together last night.
29- working a puzzle with Flower today.
29 -the laughter and giggles of our children.
30 - Feche- boy: being such an awesome bro to Flower. Watching the Logic video he made a little nest next to him for her and put her to sleep rubbing her face. She's been feeling sick and she really felt loved snuggling with him.
30- the Traditional Logic curriculum we are using- more good stuff from Memoria Press
31-working in the kitchen with KB
32- Viking Man and the boys did the dishes last night and cleaned the kitchen

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