Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Homeschool Loot

It's been convention season and I have feasted at many of them this spring- so many amazing people to meet and talk to! And of course, curriculum. While we are doing Challenge for the main course, we picked up some fun sides, a sprinkle of condiments and some delicious deserts.
But wait. Don't forget the H'ordouvers! I've been telling KB about Homegrown Preschoolers since I met Leslie in Duluth.They were in VA as well, so KB and Mr. V were able to go see it in person, talk to Leslie and get super excited about  this absolutely classical, Charolotte Mason inspired pre-school curriculum. Guess what? I'll be doing a blog reivew of it here soon, so you can share along in all the goodness along with us!

And another FUN, new company on the block- DryMaps. I'll be doing a review of their products soon, too- white boards cut into the shapes of geographic regions. Be still my little map loving heart! We came home with a U.S. Map, which has been heavily used already, and orderd a huge world map which we can't wait to get! Perfect for learning geography!!
DryMaps At The MN Catholic Home Education Conference
Cub will be doing Physics this year so we added in Why Physics Matter and Extreme Physcis. We've liked this Basher Sciecne series as fun intro/ overview of Science subjects. The goofy illustrations are great mnuemonics.
Henle I Units 1-5
Memoria Press because you HAVE to have Memoria Press.  2nd Form charts to chant, along with Quizzes and Tests for Henle 1. AND, the Story of Christianity for Morning Symposium.

Along those same line I picked up Veritas Press' History of Art: Creation to Contemporary and Art Cards as Challenge II delves into Fine Arts.
Sarah Mackenzie was the main speaker at the MN Catholic conference and I picked up Teaching from a Place of Rest. Nothing earth shattering but ohsolovely. My soul was nourished by the reading of it and if I get time at some point soon I hope to write a proper review of it.
Also, the 7 Laws of the Teacher by Gregory and The Question by Bortiens. Perfect for anyone teaching or parenting kids in the Logic stage (think Jr. High ) or for anyone eager to be a life-long learner. So much GREAT stuff!
Chuck Black was around and since we own all of his books, we've been buying up CD's- so beautiful!- by Emily Black. Such a talented, lovely family! We've talked at other conventions (once an A.F. family, always an A.F. family!) and you cannot find a more gracious little tribe!

The Well Planned Day planner- both for me and Flower. I've waited 2 months to purchase and am breathing great sighs of relief to have a place to write everything down again besides the margins of my old planner.
At the used book fair in MN I picked up Warriors of Christendom by Stewart. And The Land of Narnia by Brian Selby. Even with our extensive reading of all things Jack and Narnia, there is much to be gleaned from this beautiful tome. Flower has interrupted me often with, "Momma, did you know..." about all things Jack. Love that.

Roman Roads Media was a blast to share and Mr. V is the newest fan who has fallen under the spell of Wes Callihan's excellent teaching.

And we bought a brine pickling kit. Because, you know, sauerkraut.

Meanwhile Dr. Dh and kids were sight-seeing and brought back some videos on Lewis and Clark and more awesome coffee mugs. Because coffe and tea are de riguer 'round here. Along with books, obviously. Now I just need summer to slow down a bit so that I can indulge in all of this goodness!

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Sarah McKelvy said...

I always enjoy seeing what others do for homeschooling, especially since we homeschool too. The dry maps look AWESOME!! My daughter loves all things maps, so I'll have to check them out.