Monday, April 18, 2016

Homeschool Heart Dissection - Challenge A Fun!

For weeks, the kids in Challenge A have been drawing the systems of the body; in detail, with labels. It's been a great exercise! 
We capped off our anatomy studies with a cow heart dissection. One of our families provided us with 5 cow hearts from a local slaughter house, another family provided professional dissection tools, and the older sister of some of our Challenge 1 students (an upper level nursing student) came in to demo just how to look at, explore and understand the heart. 
Thank-you, Sarah!! 

5 hearts- enough for every one to get their (gloved) hands dirty.

No cutting was done, until the kids had thoroughly observed and explored the heart visually and kinesthetically.

We love our host church facility! The kitchen was perfect- we taped down cheap plastic tables clothes, watched a PowerPoint on heart dissection and got to work!

We have amazing parent support in our Challenge community! 
Love our families!

A fantastic end to a wonderful semester of hands-on-learning!

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Alison said...

What an amazing opportunity for your students! Thanks for sharing!

Lisa M. Nehring said...

We are talking with a surgeon in our CC group about viewing an actual surgery! The kids loved the dissection and only 2 of them bowed out!

Sara Dennis said...

What a wonderful opportunity for the kids to dissect a heart! We learn so much more through actually doing hand-on exploration than simply looking at a chart. :-)