Saturday, December 19, 2015

Challenge Blue Book Exams

Last Tuesday was the last day of the first semester of Challenge. Cub had a 5 minute presentation on Padua (the city where Taming of the Shrew took place) and talked from a 6 page timeline that started with the Ancient World and ended with now. Apparently, Padua is one of those cities that's been around for a while. Who knew?

Both kids had Challenge Blue Book exams. For Challenge A this included drawing the entire Western Hemisphere, countries and capitals, bodies of water and features, by heart. Instead of multiple choices, fill in the blanks, Blue Books ask the kids to think critically about all that they've learned this semester, utilizing tools such as the 5 Common Topics, ANI charts, Have/Are/Do charts, Declension charts  (we are chart happy, baby!),Math Laws and Formulas, memorized vocabulary from Latin, Geography and Rhetoric and finally, integrating subject areas.
But look at all of those happy faces! This picture was taken AFTER Blue Books and Challenge 1 end of semester projects. These 17 kids are thriving in an academic community that fosters critical, Godly thinking; fun, Godly fellowship and a classical foundation. They are learning How to Think and What to Do. It's so fun to be part of it all!

The test is over, the food is served and the games began!
We ate, laughed, told jokes, took goofy pictures with photo props, exchanged presents and played Apples to Apples. My sweet kiddos and parents gave me gifts, cards and family pictures. I treasure each one.
Can you spot the Latin Grammar Rules in the above present I received?! (dontcha' love it?!)
As a first time Challenge Director, I wrote our Blue Book Exams. I modified a couple of BB Exam samples that were generously shared with me by other Challenge Directors and the example on the portal. Having given the exams a quick glance I would say that most of the kids did very well. By far, the majority of our kids are first, maybe second time Classical Conversations students. and so they are still acclimating to vocabulary (decline the nouns by gender, number and case), etc. My goal for our first BB Exam was to reassure everyone that they could DO the Blue Book exam, that they know more than they think they know. and that they would all live through the experience! The next BB Exam will be easier for everyone because we all know what to expect, and have another semester of good studying and learning under our belts!

Next semester, coming right up. Good-bye declension, hello verbs!

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