Friday, June 19, 2015

CC Parent Practicum

Our fair city hosted its first ever Classical Conversations 3- Day Parent Practicum this week. Our kids worked the kids camps as leaders and helpers and Dr. Dh and I were the Practicum speakers - 3 sessions for 3 days, including a Dad's luncheon. We had way too much fun teaching the Trivium, talking Science in the Trivium and sharing about the various CC programs. The result so far has been a 2nd Challenge Director and several new students in all the programs. How does having so much fun equal utter exhaustion and a trashed house?

Parent Practicum? What on earth are those women doing? An interpretive dance on the Days of Creation- GREAT rhetoric skills, before our very eyes! Love that!

On  jumped right back in to our day jobs and re-claiming the house. The house re-claimation program took concerted effort. There was not a clean dish to be found in the house. Flower and I folded and sorted 5 loads of laundry this morning and still have some ironing to do. At least the guys change the laundry around when they are taking their showers in the basement!

 Next week I am gone again to Challenge Training. The more I share about the program, the more excited I am for it. We'll have a bursting at the seams class and possibly a second one in town. Terrific kids, one and all!

The boys worked on the brick path today; laying hold of some professional grade foundation material. Love me some hard-scaping! Can't wait till it is finished!

Reviews- so much great new curriculum out there!
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